Who Is Rian Johnson’s Wife, Karina Longworth?

After dating Karina Longworth for a while, Rian Johnson wed her in 2018. 

Both of them have comparable career histories. Johnson, an American director, also reviews movies for Longworth. The American non-noir mystery thriller Brick, which was released in 2005, was the director’s debut feature.

He contributed to the Mystery Genre film Knives Out, which was ascribed to his partner. For the best original screenplay category of the Academy Awards, the filmmaker was a nominee.

He had business ties to family members like his cousin Nathan and brother Aaron Johnson. Marke and Zachary Johnson, two of his cousins, had assisted him with his film casework.

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Who Is Rian Johnson’s Wife, Karina Longworth?

The beloved spouse of the director Rain Johnson is the American cinema critic Karina Longworth. In Los Angeles, she works as a journalist and published author.

She was the podcast You Must Remember This’s host, writer, and producer. It featured Hollywood news and was one of the most well-known podcasts for movies.

The 2016 Academy of Podcasters Awards for TV & Film honored the program itself. Longworth earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, the minimum academic qualification for the film industry.

She later earned a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies at the San Francisco Art Institute in San Francisco, California. Cinematical, a blog about cinema culture, was founded by Longworth.

While living in New York, the author edited Cinematical and SpoutBlog. Her blog had been frequently featured on Public Radio International’s The Takeaway. From 2010 to 2012, she worked as the film editor and critic for LA Weekly.

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Numerous magazines and websites, including Slate, the Little Gold Men blog at Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, Cineaste, Las Vegas Weekly, and The Village Voice, among others, have published the author’s articles.

As a web reviewer for the Spout blog, Longworth made an impression in the documentary For the Love of Movies: The Story of American Film Criticism. Karina had even engaged in political activity.

She had cast a “no” vote in the most recent recall election in California. She believed she needed a vacation from California’s particular brand of apocalyptic politics after relocating to New York.

Even mail-in ballots from Serbia are sent by the critic. Both Rain and his wife Karina are intelligent people. The 2019 American mystery movie Knives Out, starring Johnson, received high praise from Johnson’s spouse.

Due to the first movie’s success, the filmmaker produced and helmed the second. The rights were bought by Netflix for almost $450 million.

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Married Life Of Rian Johnson And Karina Longworth

In 2018, Johnson and Longworth got married. Their four-year union was ideal. Following a profile analysis, the couple began dating in 2011. As a result, they were together for seven years before getting engaged.

They held their anniversary celebration at the Golden Steer Steakhouse in Las Vegas on June 4, 2017. The announcement of the marriage was made by Longworth on December 3.

She received accolades from her admirers for the comment. The two uploaded numerous photos to Instagram. Around 2016, the blogger began posting weird images of his companion.

They drank a glass of wine on January 1, 2017. During a video chat with Kelly Marie Tran on February 13, 2018, Johnson revealed a photo of himself and his wife Karina taken at the AARP awards the week before.

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Johnson asserts that he rarely uploads pictures of them to his website. Following Greg Williams’ transformation of them into movie stars, the two attend Netflix’s Oscar party.

Even the author was able to take a photo of Karina at the Boston Brattle Theater. Longworth and Johnson are six years apart in age. Johnson celebrated his partner’s 41st birthday on July 11, 2021.

The author wishes the producer a happy birthday on December 17, 2020. On December 17, 2021, the filmmaker will turn 48. The two were present at both the Glass Onion LA premiere and the Art Director’s Guild Awards.

For the occasion, the author wore classic Paco Rabanne clothing. The two had just just won the Academy’s Governors Awards.

The Last Jedi won Best Film at the Empire Awards, and Rain won Best Director before the couple were married. They had traveled far and wide, even to Las Vegas and New Orleans, for the occasion.

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