Who is Raymond’s Wife Julia?

In February 2022, professional Dutch darts player Reymond Van Barneveld proposed to Julia Evans. Currently, Barneveld and Julia are living together.

According to the sources, Raymond and Julia started dating in April 2019. They were discovered to have a good time while on vacation at Disneyland Paris, and their connection was afterward confirmed.

The five-time darts world champion, better known by his stage handle “Barney,” was previously married to Silvia Walraven. Despite being married for 25 years, the couple split in 2019.

Raymond has three children with his ex-wife Silvia. Daisy and Patty are his daughters; Mike is his son.

The expert at darts claimed that Julia, his new wife, has been a tremendous source of encouragement for him throughout his fight with depression.

The Hague is where the two-time winner of the UK Open now resides with his new wife, Julia.

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Who is Raymond’s Wife Julia?

One of the best darts players in history, Raymond Van Barneveld, is married to Julia Evans, his most recent girlfriend.

Julia, a British woman, became 37 years old on February 7, 1985. She was born in London, where her parents brought her up.

In her Instagram account, Julia identifies herself as a world traveler, foodie, and dog lover. Beautiful photos from her travels are on her Instagram feed.

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In January 2021, Evans took over as Raymond’s assistant manager. She organizes activities and manages Raymond’s schedule.

Before her role as an assistant manager, Julia worked on the London transit system for more than 15 years. She dealt with operational incidents as a Station Supervisor on the London Underground and had to react appropriately.

Evans started her employment with the London Underground in February 2005 and ended it in October 2020.

Raymond And His Wife Julia Age Gap

The age difference between Raymond Van Barneveld, a professional darts player, and his wife Julia Evans is 18 years.

Barneveld was born on April 20, 1967, while Julia, his current wife, was born on February 7, 1995. Barneveld’s new wife is 18 years his senior, as a result.

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Julia and Raymond initially met at a Southampton tournament. Their lengthy talk caused them to become friends immediately.

Julia hopes to spend her entire life with the Dutch professional darts player and sees a very long and happy future with him. They make a great pairing since they get along well with one another.

Raymond ex-wife Silvia

Before his marriage to Julia, Raymond was married for 25 years to his ex-wife Silvia.

At the end of January 2019, the professional Dutch darts player revealed that he and his wife, Silva, had separated because of their strained marriage.

According to one of the best darts players in history, Barneveld, the relationship between the couple became challenging when the darts player had to spend a lot of time away from home.

She was forced to flee the location in her panties after being threatened with a gun immediately after getting out of the shower by the ex-wife of the dart player. However, they currently live separately and are well acquainted.

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