As her two daughters approach adulthood, stay-at-home mother Raishel Jones is prepared to enter the workforce. She is a guest on the program Mind Your Manners.

International etiquette expert Sara Jane Ho works with six clients on the first season of Mind Your Manners who want to improve their social skills.

She shows them how to handle personal and professional problems gracefully and elegantly. This is more than just teaching them good manners.

Raishel decided to join Mind Your Manner because she needed guidance on how to resume her career after spending so much time as a stay-at-home mother.

Even though she doesn’t know if she’s qualified, she works with Sara Jane to improve her resume and build up the confidence she needs to apply for her dream job.

Who Is Raishel Jones From Mind Your Manners? Find Facts Related To Her
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Who Is Raishel Jones From Mind Your Manners?

A stay-at-home mother named Raishel Jones yearned to break free from her monotonous routine and start anew as a working woman. Since she had been out of the workforce for about ten years, she believed she needed all the help she could get.

Raishel went to Sara to ease her transition, hoping to change her way of life and get job advice. The teacher instructed her to use silverware when they first met over afternoon tea.

Sara and Raishel worked to improve the latter’s resume to help him land the ideal position. Later, Sara brought Raishel to a Kung Fu lesson with a master.

At first, she didn’t understand how the activity made sense, but she soon found out how much she liked it and how much martial arts could boost someone’s confidence.

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Soon after, Sara took Raishel to Sydney’s Dress for Success, an organization that seeks to assist women in entering the workforce by outfitting them with the most professional interview attire.

To their relief, the etiquette teacher liked Raishel’s second outfit, but Sara didn’t like the first one. Leisa then asked her to return after a week to help other women prepare.

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Facts About Raishel Jones 

Fashion is Raishel’s, main love. She had competed in numerous fashion shows and won 13 sashes during her ten years away from the business.

It looks like Raishel is in her 30s. She hasn’t disclosed the specifics of her birth, though. She has been a resident of Australia for more than ten years and was given citizenship in May 2022.

When she’s not making news in the fashion industry, Raishel enjoys spending time with her gorgeous family. Madeline and Penelope, her two lovely daughters, are the children of her and her husband, Matthew.

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Raishel is thrilled that her daughters seem eager to continue their mother’s fashion-forward legacy. The contented family also owns a cute dog, which they love dearly.

According to her pictures, Raishel appears to be an average height of 5 feet 4 inches.

She frequently utilizes Instagram. She has the handle @sauv_blancsocialist on Instagram.

Her Instagram is brimming with stunning images of her in excellent ensembles, some of which even include family members.

As of the time of writing, she has amassed more than 700 followers, and as a result of Mind Your Manners, her popularity is expected to expand.

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