Sfiso Ncwane and Nonku Williams were romantically involved, although they never wed.

Although she didn’t reveal all of his personal information, she talked about her relationship with gospel musician Sfiso and their dating adventures during the first season of Real Housewives of Durban.

Despite the fact that their union was not legal, they did have a daughter together. Talk also turns to the businesswoman’s violent ex-husband, who is linked to Ncwane and casts doubt on his identity.

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Who Is Nonku Williams Ex Boyfriend Sfiso Ncwane?

Prior to getting divorced, Nonku Williams was married to her ex-husband.

She was previously married and has three children. After their breakup, the musician Sfiso Ncwane reportedly tried to get in touch with her, but she wasn’t feeling it.

She went on to explain that Ncwane had told her that he regretted getting married to Ayanda and wished she would come back into his life.

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Williams asserts that Sfiso and Ayanda Ncwane’s daughter was born in 2007 despite the fact that they wed in 2002. Even though the gospel musician and his wife were still technically married, he was charged with having an extramarital affair.

Ncwane’s brother, who later admitted that Ncwane had affairs outside of his marriage, claimed that Ayanda felt the need to distance herself from financial belongings at the time because she was more concerned with her spiritual growth.

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Details On Nonku Williams Abusive Relationship

Nonku married when her relationship with Sfiso came to an end. She faced physical and mental hostility from her ex-partner, nevertheless. She is a sufferer of domestic violence.

According to IOL, she has also been open about her issues and how many people had told her she wouldn’t amount to anything in life. She referred to herself as a self-made lady to News24 before opting to be married and become a wife.

She went on to state that she was anxious to be married and that she had expected the romance to terminate fast. She decided to divorce her spouse and start over with her children after five years.

Meet Nonku Daughter

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There is only one child with Sfiso out of Nonku’s total three. Her daughter, Nothile Ncwane, was present. The other two sons were a result of her relationship with her ex-husband.

Nothile was born on April 14, 2007, according to her mother’s Instagram post commemorating the occasion.

In Real Housewives of Durban, Ayanda was gracious enough to grant her permission to visit her biological father’s grave after she learned about him through her mother.

Her two sons are known by the names Phendulile and Musawakhe. Musawakne, her second child, was born on July 12, 2012. However, his father is not Sfiso.

Instead, it is the man once known as Nonku. husband’s She was open about the challenges she faced when giving birth to Phendulile, her third son, in July 2021.

After two unsuccessful IVF rounds, she claimed to have given up trying to conceive, but strangely, he had managed to track her down. As a result, she sees him as a divine response to her prayers.

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