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Nikki Tuazon was thrust into the spotlight after her new partner piqued people’s interest. Dara is her character, and the pilot premieres on April 3rd.

AgeIn Her 30s
Net WorthOver $1 Million

Who Is Nikki Tuazon? Wikipedia Details

Nikki Tuazon, an American dancer in her 30s, has been in the field for almost two decades. She is a performer who received her schooling from the University of California.

After being cast in the Fatel Fandom lifetime show, Nikki Tuazon is making the rounds. The TV movie follows Eden, a girl kidnapped by a fan who must hire a bodyguard to free herself.

Who Is Nikki Tuazon’s Boyfriend?

Nikki Tuazon, who plays Nikki in the film Fatal Fandom, is not dating anyone since she is a very private person.

Rafael Molina, her partner, and she have a lot of chemistry and are excellent friends, but they can’t be more than that.

Aside from that, he is happily married and the father of a cute child, and he is satisfied with his life. Indeed, the cookie aficionado spends time with her dog, Oliver, and never forgets to wish him a happy birthday.

Discover Nikki Tuazon’s Net Worth

Nikki Tuazon’s net worth is still unknown as of 2022. She began her career after appearing in the 2000 film Charlie’s Angels as a dancer.

Linda Forest in General Hospital, Megan in Fuller House, Rhonda in Pink: Beautiful Trauma, Tina in Opening Night, Dancing Belle in Hart Of Dixie, and Dancer in Memories of a Geisha are just a few of her acting credits, according to her IMDb website.

She works as a Pilates instructor because acting is a side income.

Does Nikki Tuazon Have Instagram?

Nikki Tuazon is on Instagram under the name @thenikkituazon, where she has over 2,000 followers.

Her passion for dance is evident in her socials since she does nothing else. Even her pals join in the fun, trying to keep up with her busy routines while listening to music in the background.

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