Who Is Mitra Jouhari Boyfriend? Find Their Relationship Details

Whitmer Thomas is an American comedian and musician who is seeing Mitra Jouhari. Mitra and Whitmer began going out on May 9, 2018.

They are both in the entertainment business. Thomas is known for Stone Quackers and Glow, but his connection is for The Big Sick, Big Mouth, and Human Resources.

They had worked together on a show that the actress had written. In 2022, the actor made a name for himself as Radio DJ Chompitos in two episodes of the TV show Three Busy Debras with his girlfriend.

Mitra Jouhari
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Who Is Mitra Jouhari Boyfriend?

Whitmer Thomas, who is dating Mitra Jouhari, grew up in Alabama with his sister. As a teenager, Whitmer decided to become a comedian.

In Three Busy Debras, Mitra and Whitmer were both casts. Stone Quackers is a role that Whitmer is known for.

His family consisted of his mother, Jenny Henderson, his twin sister Jude Hammock, and his older brother Johnny. At age 3, Whit Thomas, the father of the person who hurt him, took him from his home.

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When he was in the fourth grade, his parents broke up. The comedian didn’t go to college because he wanted to be an actor. Instead, he moved to Los Angeles right before his mother died.

After that, he got together with his friends from home, Caly Tatum and Jeramy Ritchie. Together with their roommates, Budd Diaz and Rodney Berry, they formed the comedy group Power Violence.

So, his comedy career began when he was only 18 years old, in 2008. Every Sunday, his group put on a show on Santa Monica Boulevard for more than four years. The American adult animated TV show Stone Quackers now has the actor and his friend as executive producers.

In 2015, the actor became more well-known as a stand-up comedian. He even sings with Mark Hoppus in the cover band Snake Plissken, which is funny. In 2020, the Big Baby and its sequel, Big Baby Christmas, made him a lot of money.

Thomas got credit for The Idea of You, Slip, Tuca & Bertie, Moom Manor, and Am I Ok? Write a song about heartbreak, Search Party, and other things.

Relationship Details On Mitra Jouhari

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It’s been four years since they started dating. They even work together on the song “Best Love Song Ever.” Besides this, they worked with Christian Lee Hutson on Can’t Believe You’re Happy Here.

People said that the actress’s first boyfriend was a very young man. But they are only four years apart in age. The Big Mouth writer, who is 29, is older than the actress’s partner, who is 33.

The actor shared the picture for the first time on August 17, 2018. The funny makeup that Katherine did for them makes them look so cute.

After that, the couple shared the post. In September, Channing Tatum, Patti Harrison, and Brandon Wardell were with them when they went to Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas.

Thomas often sent the photo to her partner on social networking sites. But on December 16, 2022, the actress only posted one grid photo of him with her friends.

The comedian wrote about their 2019 wedding anniversary on his social media sites and gave her a red rose. On May 9, the couple had their wedding day.

Sydnee Washington said that their beautiful picture was just right. Still, they have a lot in common and love each other.

The actor’s valentine is Jouhari. In 2021, he wished her a happy love day and pinned “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Even her writing for Big Mouth, High Maintenance, and Miracle Workers was mentioned in the post.

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