A famous baseball player Mike Trout married a school teacher Jessica Cox in 2017.

Since being selected in the MLB draft in 2009 at 22, Mike Trout has had a tremendous career. However, he signed with the Los Angeles Angels and made his official MLB debut in 2011. Jessica has been by his side as his partner and support throughout his career and ascent to the top of the MLB and baseball in general.

It’s a common misperception that all successful men travel with women. The adage applies to this circumstance without a doubt. Mike Trout has experienced the highest levels of baseball success that a player could hope to have during their career.

His sweetheart has supported him through every stage of his life and career since they were little children.

They both succeeded in bringing up happy families. Jessica should be commended for being a strong, independent woman who can proudly support him as a capable wife instead of just going along with him.

Mike Trout
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Mike Trout Wife Jessica Cox Is A School Teacher

There, elementary school teacher Jessica Cox works as a teacher. Jessica Trout, Mike Trout’s wife, is a Dennis Township School Board member.

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In the United States, Cape May Court House, New Jersey, is home to Dennis Township Primary School.

When she’s not attending to her teaching responsibilities, she usually participates in events and activities with other Angels’ WAGS and goes to her husband’s sporting events.

One of MLB’s most well-known and popular WAGS, the 5’8″ blonde-haired, blue-eyed cutie, is married to the illustrious Mike Trout.

She has had a fascinating and unique transformation from Jessica Cox to Jessica Trout. Both her marriage and family’s development are examined.

Parents And Family Background

Jessica Cox was raised by her parents, two brothers, and herself in a family of five. Her ancestors are from New Jersey.

She has never exposed her parents’ identities to the world, but she frequently uploads images of them on her Instagram account to show her appreciation and love for them. The public currently needs to be made aware of her father’s name.

However, she mentioned Pam Cox as her mother’s name in one of her posts about her parents by tagging her Instagram account.

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Jessica has a close relationship with her parents, who have been essential in shaping her life and upbringing and have always been there for her to offer protection and support.

Kyle Cox and Aaron Cox were her younger brothers. Because her brother Aaron used to play minor league baseball for the Angels, we can claim that she comes from a sporting family. Kyle, her other brother, was a college baseball player.

But her family experienced tragedy when her brother Aaron left the family a few years ago. The general public is unaware of why he killed himself after being temporarily suspended from the minor league for using narcotics.

She thus makes a concerted effort to inform the public about mental illness and suicide. Currently, she resides with her parents, her other brother, Kyle, and herself.

Jessica Support To Foundations And Charities.

Jessica Cox is a dedicated supporter of numerous charities and causes. Her Instagram alone shows that she is a supporter for several reasons.

For obvious reasons, she actively supports groups that work to prevent suicide. She also participates in animal welfare charity.

She traveled to Belize with the group to aid poor children and interact with them.

Jessica And Mike Trout Relationship Timeline And Married Life

When they were both Millville Senior High School students, Mike Trout and Jessica Cox became friends. Mike was preparing to enter senior high school after finishing middle school in Millville.

As fate would have it, the two fell in love and became lifelong friends when Jessica attended Millville Senior High School.

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They had been close friends since they first met in high school, and before getting together, they went on a few dates together. Their bond became more profound over time, and they are still together.

Mike Trout confessed that he frequently moved seats in the classroom to be closer to his future wife throughout their high school years to be partnered with her. Over time, progressively, they became more immediate, and the rest is history.

In December 2017, Mike Trout wed Jessica Cox, his longtime girlfriend. But it was also intriguing to follow their journey leading up to the wedding.

In 2009, Mike went to his high school’s prom with Jessica, who would later become his wife.

According to rumors, Mike asked Jessica to be his life partner in 2016 in a stylish proposal. Mike had a plane scratch the query off in the sky, and Jessica responded with a resounding “Yes,” according to sportblis.com.

On December 9 of the following year, 2017, the two made their link between them legally binding.

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Child Of Jessica And Mike Trout

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Beckham Mike and Jessica Trout are Aaron Trout’s parents. Aaron was given to him by Jessica as a tribute to his brother.

On July 30, 2020, Jessica gave birth to their son Beckham Aaron Trout. Now two years old, he. Mike and Jessica routinely share images of themselves with their son on their personal Instagram pages.

Mike and Jessica spend a lot of time with their only child, and they frequently display signs of enjoyment and fun. Even Jessica’s son attends Mike’s athletic events.

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