JK Rowling received a public murder threat from Islamic extremist student Meer Asif Aziz on Twitter, threatening to stab her after Rushdie.

After receiving a public death threat, British novelist and philanthropist JK Rowling expressed her concern about the stabbing of Rushdie.

Salman Rushdie, a British-American author of Indian descent, was stabbed many times on Friday by Hadi Matar, the suspect. He is in serious condition right now and is in the emergency room. Rowling responded that she was aware of the incident, “feeling ill at the moment. Just let him be “.

Aziz threatened her life in this exchange by saying, “Don’t worry, you are next.” Following these threats, which were made public on social media, JK brought attention to the issue on Twitter by posting screenshots of the answers.

Meer threatened Rowling and backed Matar, referring to the stabbing suspect as a revolutionary Shia fighter.

Who Is Meer Asif Aziz? His Age, Net Worth: Islamic Extremist Gives Death Threat To JK Rowling On Twitter
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Since then, many media outlets have reported the social media threat, and efforts have been made to identify the man. What is known about him is as follows.

Who Is Meer Asif Aziz? Death Threat To JK Rowling On Twitter

A Pakistan-based Muslim student named Meer Asif Aziz openly threatened JK Rowling’s life on Twitter.

His Twitter profile indicates that he is a student who lives in Karachi, Pakistan. Furthermore, he describes himself as a “social activist, political activist, and research activist,” according to his Twitter account. These facts demonstrate that Aziz is a young student presently enrolled in Karachi.

However, much information about his personal and professional life is mysterious. He frequently defended Islam on social media and discussed what he saw as a scenario where people acted hypocritically.

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What irony, he said in response to a statement, “If you people took firearms you have difficulties with self defense, and we in case we took it we are terrorist.”

In addition, he has made discriminatory comments towards Israel in other replies. Meer, frequently involved in divisive and obscene remarks, once threatened Rowling by claiming that she would be stabbed to death like Rushdie.

Asif Age: How Old Is He?

Meer Asif Aziz, the man who threatened JK Rowling, is a 23-year-old.

In his Twitter bio, he states that he was born in 1999. This information confirms that the man is between 22 and 23 years old. However, since his birthdate is still a mystery, nobody knows how old he is.

Early-20s student Aziz is enrolled in classes in the biggest metropolis in Pakistan.

Meer Asif Aziz’s Net Worth Explored

Meer Asif Aziz is a student and probably doesn’t have much money, so his net worth may be only a few thousand dollars.

Little is known about his identity and professional particulars, including his employment and family history.

So, just as with any specific account of his life and other activities, the specifics of his money remain a secret.

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