Who Is Martha Higareda Boyfriend?

Boyfriend details for Martha Higareda An author and keynote speaker, Lewis Howes, has made a name for himself in the industry. Since June of 2021, Martha and Lewis have been an item.

Martha, an actress of the age of 39 from Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico, is a native of Mexico. Since 2002, she has been working in her chosen profession.

At 16, she made her television debut as an anchor hostess on Disney Channel’s Zapping Zone. The Mexican romantic drama film “Amar te duele,” directed by Fernando Sariana, gave the actress her first significant role.

Since then, the Mexican actress has racked up more than fifty-two acting credits, regularly switching back and forth between roles in American and Mexican media.

Her role as Kristin Ortega in “Altered Carbon,” a science fiction television drama, is her most recent and successful.

It’s no secret that Martha is a talented actor; she’s been nominated for five awards and won two. But she’s also written four screenplays.

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Who Is Martha Higareda’s Boyfriend?

Lewis Howes, Martha Higareda’s boyfriend, is an author and YouTube star. Lewis’s book on inspiration, the School of Greatness, is his most well-known work.

Lewis, Martha’s companion, grew up in a rural area of Ohio close to the state capital of Delaware. His father was his first and most significant role model, and he credits him with inspiring him to pursue a career in professional football.

On October 11, 2001, however, Lewis received a phone call from his sister telling him that his father had been in an accident and was in a coma.

Three months later, his father was still alive, but he was a changed man who no longer cared about anything except watching television.

But Lewis persisted and eventually fulfilled a boyhood ambition by playing arena football; unfortunately, a severe arm injury cut his rookie season short.

As a result, he became despondent and spent a year moping around on his sister’s couch. After hearing that his sister needed rent assistance, Lewis determined to change his life’s trajectory and reach out to successful individuals via LinkedIn to learn how to face his anxieties.

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He launched his podcast and program “The School of Greatness” when he was 29 years old, and it has now received more than 100 million downloads.

His popular YouTube channel has over 2.62 million followers. That guy has built himself a YouTube empire with six channels and over ten thousand followers. Here are some of his tracks:

Lewis Howes’s Greatness Clips channel has 192,000 followers because people believe his videos will make them better people.

Approximately 577K people listen to Lewis Howes in Spanish every week.
Subscribers of Lewis Howes Shorts total 202K.
Lewis Howes’s Greatness Inspiration: 10.7K Subscribers
With 64,2K subscribers, Greatness Clips – Spanish is a hit.
47,900 Portuguese-speaking readers subscribe to Lewis Howes.

Relationship Of Lewis And Martha In Detail

Since 2021, Lewis Howes has seen Martha, his girlfriend. On June 8 of that year (2022), Lewis and Martha marked the passage of one year as a married couple.

Lewis and Martha, his current companion, met on vacation to Mexico and quickly became close. However, he reached out to the actress on Instagram to go salsa dancing, which is how they first became friends and began dating.

An informal dinner invitation turned into an engaging evening of conversation. The two took their time dating and ultimately took things slowly.

The two reportedly took their time getting engaged and moving into a romantic relationship because they were curious to discover whether the connection they felt was only a product of trauma bonding rather than the beginning of anything more.

Martha and Lewis have tried and failed in high-profile relationships, so they take things slowly and deliberately in this one.

Martha and Lewis dated actors; Martha dated actor Cory Brusseau for six years (2011–2017); Lewis dated former meteorologist and model Yanet Garcia for two years (2019–2021).

They persevered, and now they have a happy, healthy relationship. They are not bashful about flaunting it; the pair frequently posts photos of each other to Instagram.

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