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Netizens were shocked after seeing a video of Marita Alonso and Santi Millan making love online. Please continue reading to learn more about their allegedly leaked footage.

Similarly, some people claimed Marita Alonso was the girl in the video and posted images of her with blonde hair. They even cast doubt on their relationship.

Some believe that conclusions about someone without knowing all the facts might damage their reputation. As a result, fans may have to wait for the relevant parties to address the issue.

Who Is Marita Alonso To Santi Millan?

There have been dating rumors about Santi Millan and Marita Alonso on the internet. In addition, an alleged video of Santi making love has gone viral.

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However, there has been no word on whether he is dating Marita because it should be noted that presenter Millan has been married to Rosa Olucha, a television producer, since 2009.

On the other hand, some admirers were eager to employ their detective abilities to rule out the idea that he taped those videos on location. Instead, some speculated that the footage could be a montage or a composite of smaller portions.

Marita Alonso And Santi Millan Alleged Video Explained

Following the revelation of a video of him on the internet, the presenter of GOT talent Spain is currently trending online. According to several Internet users, the video contains sexual content, and the man in the tape is Millan.

Some even stated that as soon as the news broke, he deleted his Instagram account and other social media accounts, which is false. However, his social media accounts are still active, and his prior posts may still be viewed.

Nonetheless, a male who appears to be Millan appears in the video beside a blonde woman whose name is unknown. However, various identities of a girl who may be linked to Millan have been circulated.

The video is roughly 45 seconds long. However, it was erased by the original user. As a result, other Internet users can now access it. Sharing private information with others is also illegal and can have legal consequences for the individual who did it.

Similarly, some people assumed the girl in the video was Marita Alonso and uploaded photos of her with her blonde hair. They even raised doubts about their partnership.

However, some argue that making assumptions about someone without clear facts could tarnish their reputation. As a result, fans may have to wait for the matter to be addressed by the relevant parties.

Marita Alonso Age

Marita Alonso is still kept under wrap.

Marita is an actress who has received a lot of attention due to a recent viral video. Furthermore, the actress does not have a Wikipedia bio on her page.

She has acted in films including Treintaeras a la deriva, No poter!, and Retratos con alma.

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