Who Is Mario Cristobal Wife?

Mrs. Mario Cristobal Philanthropist Jessica Cristobal. Jessica is the leader of a Leading Ladies League nonprofit whose members are all women.

The mission of the sisterhood and womanhood group is to help women and children. However, Mario is now the head coach of the Miami Hurricanes football team at the University of Miami.

From 1988 until 1992, Cristobal played football at the University of Miami. He attended Christopher Columbus High School in Miami.

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Meet Mario Cristobal’s Wife Jessica Cristobal

Jessica Cristobal is the wife of Mario Cristobal. Marió and Jess got married in June of 2006 and have been happily settling in Florida ever since. Mario and Jessica met for the first time at the Victor Hotel’s Miami Beach launch.

Very soon after their initial meeting, they began dating. Despite being together for almost 16 years, their love remains as strong as ever.

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In an interview, Jessica revealed that she and her husband seldom see each other in daylight for six to eight months, but she still stands by him. Nevertheless, their distance hasn’t hampered their relationship in any way.

What Is Jessica’s Professional Career?

Besides establishing the Leading Ladies League, Jessica also serves as its president. The group of kind ladies in the area who work together to help those in need.

Their charitable efforts involve partnerships with a wide range of NGOs. She is an accomplished Publishing Executive with a background in yachting and the luxury publishing industry.

With a BA in Public Relations, a BS in Sociology, and a WS in Women’s Studies, she won the Miss Florida World crown in 1994. She had held the position of President at Brickell Magazine and Key Biscayne.

Jessica loves to form relationships with and assist others. She is regularly spotted hanging out with the spouses of other college football coaches.

She periodically joins her husband and the squad on the field to show her support as his assistant football coach. Jessica’s personal and family life are regular topics of her 1,000-followed Instagram postings.

She is not shy about sharing her nonprofit’s positive work on social media. She constantly raises awareness of LLL’s efforts and urges others to become involved.

Mario Cristobal And Jessica Cristobal Have Two Children

Together, Mario and Jessica Cristobal have raised two wonderful children. It’s never a secret that Mario and Jessica adore their boys Mario Mateo and Rocco since they’re constantly posting about them on social media.

On Father’s Day in the year 2020, for example, Jessica shared photos of her boys with their dad. She praised Mario as the head of the household and a role model for their youngsters.

Mario is a very dedicated visitor to the kids. Mateo and Rocco are two handsome young men who take after their doting father in every way.

Jessica’s article in honor of Mother’s Day exemplifies her family’s importance of spending holidays together.

Regarding family, Jessica’s twin sister is often a focal point of her Instagram updates. Her twin is her best friend, and she often talks about how much they enjoy spending time together.

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