Nick Corduff, wife Lisa’s former spouse, has been absent from her life since 2019. While in Sydney, Nick Corduff worked for the airline Qantas.

The founder of Small Steps of Living has suffered a tremendous loss due to the death of her spouse during the past few years.

Lisa began her internet business venture when she was still a full-time mother of three children, aged five and under.

Small Steps, programs, and memberships allowed her to succeed in her mission to help women simplify their lives by altering their connection with food.

She also works as a consultant, teaching online company owners and entrepreneurs how to use real video marketing.

Lisa is an Australian life coach who teaches women how to increase their influence via networking and assertiveness.

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Find About Lisa Corduff’s Husband Nick Corduff

Husband of Lisa Corduff While in Sydney, Nick Corduff worked for the airline Qantas. While they were married, Nick and Lisa raised their children in Brisbane.

The pair desired a move back to Melbourne while Qantas still employed Nick. He was unemployed, and the family had to relocate to Brisbane, where better opportunities presented themselves.

Lisa left her role as a housewife after having three children to start her own business, Small Steps Living. She helped moms worldwide by giving them access to her online program, which featured tips and recipes for making healthy, wholesome meals in a flash.

The Corduff family firm was growing, and it looked like everything was swimmingly, but there were still challenges. Nick’s mental health problems had led him down a destructive path of heavy drinking.

Due to Nick’s stay in a Sunshine Coast rehabilitation center throughout December 2018, Lisa spent the holiday with the kids without him.

Lisa recently posted on Facebook about how she felt overwhelmed by spending her first Christmas apart from him.

She recalled the lonesomeness of Christmas morning when her children’s delighted squeals filled the house, and she had to put their gifts under the tree by herself.

Lisa, who saw Nick’s drinking issue as a runaway train, stated, “I believed my heart wouldn’t cope with the misery of what was happening to Nick.” She hoped the rehabilitation center would serve as a barrier on the track, causing the train to halt.

Sadly, her first Christmas without Nick ended up being the last. Nick passed away in September 2019. It seemed to Lisa that she had been mourning for years on end, yet despite this, her health was better than it had been in a long time.

Lisa says this on returning from a low point in life: “When you’ve come back after being brought to your knees with anguish and heartbreak – you suddenly understand how powerful you are.” She appreciates the exquisiteness of suffering and refuses to flee from it.

She kept coming to work even though she was going through a terrible patch since she believed that everyone was going through struggles that nobody but herself knew about.

Lisa Suffered The Most Significant Pain

When Lisa’s spouse died, she experienced the worst anguish imaginable. Since the year 2019, Lisa’s existence has been a solitary one.

There has been a Christmas without Nick in her family for five years. It’s a huge loss, but they’re getting by.

Lisa, who had difficulty experiencing her emotions, eventually made peace with feeling everything she felt, regardless of how negative it was. After breaking up with her spouse, she began counting down the “12 Days of Happiness.”

She did the happy version of the Twelve Days of Christmas while everyone else did the sad version, detailing the various positive and negative ways she dealt with her emotions.

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The 43-year-old is grateful for the braver self that sadness has helped her become. After going through a tough life, Lisa changed drastically to help other women.

Under her direction, she launched The Change Room, a three-month program to help busy women make positive life changes.

Conversation With Lisa is her podcast for women who want to go deeper than the superficiality of social media.

Lisa Has Three Children

Three children emerged from the union of Lisa and Nick. Lisa’s health complications forced the couple to start a family quickly.

Elliot is her only son, while Mimi and April are her only daughters. Elliot and Mimi, Lisa’s first and second children, entered the world in Sydney, while April, Lisa’s youngest, was born in Brisbane.

Every week on Wednesday, the family follows their Waffle Wednesday custom by visiting their favorite cafe.

In preparation for Elliot’s transition to high school, she reviewed the class roster last Wednesday and gushed about each student.

The waffle ritual has become a beloved family custom thanks to its ability to foster closeness among her offspring. Her children revealed details they would never have spoken about anywhere else during dinner.

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