Who Is Legendary Doddie Weir’s Son, Hamish Weir?

Hamish Weir is the oldest child of famed rugby player Doddie Weir. He currently has Hamish’s father as his best friend and playing companion. 

As he marks the five-year anniversary of the founding of his organization to increase awareness of motor neuron disease, Doddie has enjoyed spending time with his oldest son, Hamish.

Doddie, a former second row for both Scotland and the Lions, was there to watch his son play for Scotland. Weir helped raise millions of dollars for MND research in the year that followed his diagnosis.

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Who Is Legendary Doddie Weir’s Son, Hamish Weir?

Hamish’s father is Doddie Weir, a well-known athlete who was identified with motor neuron disease five years ago. His greatest inspiration is his father, a rugby player who has dedicated his entire professional life to the sport.

Former rugby player Doddie Weir works on a farm with his wife Kathy. Doddie, his wife Kathy, and their three children reside on their farm between Lauder and Melrose in the Borders.

Along with attempting to keep Doddie on track, his wife also takes care of the family’s livestock, horses, and contract catering business.

As part of the “Meet the Farmers” series, Doddie and Kathy Weir discussed how they manage their farm in the Scottish Borders.

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They have a small fold of 130 ewes made up of crossbreeds of Suffolk Blue Leicester, Greyface, and Cheviot on their 300-acre property, which is 950 feet above sea level.

Since sheep prefer short grass and cattle prefer long grass, it is ideal for them to graze side by side in the fields. Doddie loved farming, but after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2016.

He required Kathy and his three kids’ help to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. Ben, Angus, and Hamish are Doddie Weir’s three children.

The three children born to former Scottish professional rugby player Doddie and his wife Kathy are named Hamish, Angus, and Ben. Four years after being married, the couple welcomed Hamish, who is now 21 years old, into the world.

Hamish has the same height as his father, but because of his power and quick feet, teams prefer to use him as a wing or fullback. Their second son, Angus, is currently 20 years old, and their youngest son, Ben, is 19 years old.

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Exploring Facts Related To Hamish Weir

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  1. Hamish Weir, one of rugby’s most well-known players, plays with the same vigor and endurance as his father does.
  2. He enjoyed a fruitful playing career and was given 61 Scotland caps.
  3. Doddie Weir takes great pleasure in seeing his oldest child, Melrose player Hamish Weir, carry on his father’s legacy.
  4. During an interview, Hamish brought up his father’s suggestions for the rugby game.
  5. Doddie, a former footballer, and Kathy, a lively couple of farm laborers, are also the parents of two brothers named Ben and Angus in addition to being Hamish’s dad.
  6. Then the chapel was entered by Hamish’s parents. After a night out, Doddie proposed to Kathy in the Carter Bar near the Borders crossing, and the two began dating.
  7. Weir has always been interested in rugby, and he started playing when he was 19 years old.
  8. Hamish boarded the aircraft when he was 17 years old.
  9. Hamish’s father’s oldest child, who had never done it before, never misses seeing him compete on the field.
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