Agustina Gandolfo, an Argentine model, and Lautaro Martinez were once romantically involved. Agustina is a lifestyle blogger and an Instagram sensation.

Since Martinez moved to Inter Milan in the summer of 2018, he has been dating Argentine model Augustina Gandolfo.

She frequently shows up at Inter games to cheer on Lautaro Martinez. They enjoy each other a lot and have a lot of similar priorities.

Given that they have been together since 2018, they will likely get along for the rest of their lives.

Who Is Lautaro Martinez Girlfriend Agustina Gandolfo?
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Who Is Lautaro Martinez Girlfriend Agustina Gandolfo?

On October 17, 2018, Argentine model and social media influencer, Agustina Gandolfo shared a photo of the two with striker Lautaro Martinez.

The couple started dating following the striker’s summer 2018 transfer to Inter Milan. Agustina first established a relationship with Martinez by posting a photo of herself. For the first time, they were going out to dinner in Milan.

It was unbelievable to many of Gandolfo’s friends that many were asking for confirmation if it was confirmed in the photo’s comment section.

On November 6, 1994, Agustina was born in November. She loves throwing birthday parties and typically spends the day with her loved ones.

Augustine never says no to a workout; when resistance training with weights is involved, she gets excited. She is the kind of woman ready to fight by adhering to a strict diet.

Because Agustina is a professional model and likes to be in the spotlight, she must choose her diet and exercise routine.

She has always been this way, and her wise choices have led to a successful modeling career. She is also well-known on Instagram, where she keeps her followers up to date on her life’s events.

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Being with Agustina must be appealing to Lautaro. She talks quite a bit, which keeps him on his toes. She maintains a healthy balance between her personal and professional lives.

She is not afraid of anything, not even being a mother, and enjoys a challenge. Posting the area with their daughter, they have recently started sharing photographs from the Fifa World Cup 2022.

Since they first met in 2018, the couple has been seeing each other right away, traveling the world, and making memories. Instead of visiting famous destinations like Miami, Thailand, or New York, they prefer to spend their time relaxing on beaches. They constantly talked about their enjoyable days together.

Martinez’s girlfriend frequently chooses to stay in Milan while he is not training, so the two go out to eat there.

A dog also resides with them as a member of the family. Agustina can be seen going to the gym and performing yoga in her residence in Italy. To travel to various places worldwide, couples mainly employ aircraft.

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Timeline Of Events In Their Dating Life

Augustine and Lautaro shared their first picture of each other while out on a date. The couple could be seen dining together in a restaurant in Milan, Italy.

After a brief courtship, they moved in together, and Augustine never stopped sending her lover images.

Lautaro started replacing her and introducing her to his family and friends. She was with some mutual acquaintances when Lautaro and his friends ran into her on November 7, 2018.

They were sharing a meal. She took her friends and boyfriend to Milan, Italy, on her birthday.

Agustina attended Lautaro’s game in the Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes stadium, located on the northern outskirts of Cordoba, after her birthday.

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Agustina and Lautaro shared some private space after that player’s game, and in the picture of them together, she can be seen looking relieved after giving the player a bear hug.

They can be seen sharing their own space in photos taken together in Cordoba, Argentina.

After a few months of dating, they already started to stay together; they celebrated Christmas, got a puppy, and started traveling for years. The friendship they have developed is lovely. They spend the majority of their time in the garden on their balcony.

Agustina never thinks twice about demonstrating what she has learned, and Lautaro, a professional player, constantly shares his ideas to motivate her. She frequently posts about her daily activities on her Instagram as a social media influencer.

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