Who Is Latruth’s Wife Mrslatruth aka Briana Hampton? And What Happened To Her?

Mrs Latruth, also known as Briana Hampton, is a model, author, and businesswoman from the United States.

The rapper Latruth, real name Robert Hampton, is married to Mrs Latruth, whose actual name is Briana Hampton. She also owns Mrslatruth Boutique, an online store.

Whose goal is to promote beauty through the provision of superior products to customers. The couple has been together for six years after immediately falling in love due to a special connection.

They talked about their joyful marriage and joint fitness journey with their friends and followers. However, a recent YouTube video claims that Latruth triumphs over Mrs Latruth.

The video was purportedly recorded as Latruth was allegedly abusing his wife and included a portion of Mrs Latruth’s Facebook live. Although Latruth insists the video was a farce, his wife disputes this.

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To find out Who Is Latruth’s Wife, Mrslatruth, aka Briana Hampton? And What Happened To Her? continue reading the article.

Who Is Latruth’s Wife Mrslatruth aka Briana Hampton?

Mrs Latruth, also known as Briana Hampton, is the married name of Latruth and is a model, businesswoman, and online celebrity. She is the owner of Mrslatruth Boutique, an online boutique that sells apparel and other goods.

She enthusiastically promotes her business as one that provides its customers with a variety of women’s clothing through her store and sells clothing in sizes small to 4xl to all gorgeous women.

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In addition to being an entrepreneur, Briana is a model. She has previously worked as a fashion model for numerous reliable businesses. She also uses Instagram to promote other stuff.

In addition, Briana has written and released two novels to date. Both of her books, “Self Love is the Best Love Journal” and “Queen Manifest The Life of Your Dreams,” are available for purchase on the websites of her shop.

Despite her success in a variety of fields and occupations, some of her followers only know her as the spouse of American rapper Latruth. Six years into their marriage, they frequently appear in public as a couple.

Latruth Wife Mrslatruth: What Happened To Her?

According to the now-viral YouTube video, Latruth mistreated Mrs Latruth.

Latruth can be seen screaming in the video, which is a clip from Mrs Latruth’s Facebook live. The genuine recording does not show the purported beatings and torture that are described in the movie.

Her followers and following have showered the content producer with love and supportive remarks ever since the news went public online.

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In a recent status update on her Facebook page, she requested prayers and good vibes from her followers. She kept quiet about the facts of her true struggle with her situation.

She also posted a picture of a broken finger on her now-deleted Instagram story along with the remark, “Just left ER and my finger is fractured and my brain is swollen from the trauma.”

Latruth, however, has refuted the online rumours. He went on to add that everything was a skit, much like earlier social media profiles. These scam movies by the duo are notorious for being uploaded.

Net Worth Of Mr and Mrs Latruth: What Is Their Age?

Latruth and Mrs Latruth will be 35 years old in 2022. Even if their age differences are only 15 days, the spouse is older. Latruth was born on June 15; Mrs Latruth was born on June 30, 1987.

Latruth is estimated to be worth $500,000 by Tiding Info, while Mrs Latruth is estimated to be worth $1 million by Biography Daily. Their respective careers each got off to excellent starts.

The couple is a successful social media influencer and celebrity team. For the enjoyment of their social media followers, they can be seen making exercise videos.

While the husband is a rapper in his own right, the wife owns and runs a huge range of merchandise online boutique. She has also published two books so far.

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