Who Is Johnny Smacks Future Wife?

Johnny Smacks, a YouTube comedian, is engaged to Annie, who will become his wife. 

Johnny Smacks and Annie have been dating for a year. Johnny’s rise to fame has been aided by his participation in the comedy duo The 2 Johnnies.

His humorous act is adored by the crowd, and he hails from County Tipperary. A sizable audience enjoys the program, which has over 250,000 weekly listeners.

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Who Is Johnny Smacks Future Wife?

Currently engaged are future brides Annie and Johnny Smacks. The Irish Mirror was informed of his engagement to Annie.

Johnny did talk about his personal life in his talks with the Irish Mirror, despite not being particularly forthcoming on social media.

He remembered begging Annie for €100 so that he could fix the NCT on his 1999 Golf. He was working at SuperValu when it happened.

It’s easy to get along with Johnny and Annie. Along with congratulating Johnny, Annie is delighted with what he is doing.

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Annie has known Johnny since he first began working in the neighborhood as a butcher. She has been by Johnny’s side throughout everything, sharing in both his highs and lows.

They began dating because Johnny was unable to pay the car’s tax. Because Annie recognizes Johnny’s need to spend two months in America, they get along rather well.

He revealed his engagement to Annie on RSVYP live in January. Despite their wish to get married sooner, the pandemic’s constraints forced the couple to postpone their wedding day three times.

Despite the delay, they still want to get married in December. He sent a Live RSVP announcing their upcoming wedding in Cahir, County Tipperary.

He also mentioned that a celebration is being held in Kilkenny, a nearby city. Johnny O’Brien, who makes up one half of their duo, was also named as the best man. Johnny hasn’t specified a specific date yet.

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Meet Johnny Smacks

Johnny Smacks is a member of The 2 Johnnies, a popular musical comedy group in Ireland. On the Irish Chart, nine of Johny and Johnny O’Brien’s songs peaked at number one.

He and Johnny O’Brien began their YouTube careers in 2016. According to his Facebook page, he attended Dublin’s Technological University.

In 2018, he launched the The 2 Johnnies podcast, which has now amassed over 250,000 weekly listeners to become the most popular Irish podcast.

On Up for the Match, The Late Late Show, and RTÉ Does Comic Relief, he appeared on-screen with O’Brien. He has given live performances in several countries, including the USA, Australia, and the UK.

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He will serve as the host of the travel show The Johnnies Do America in 2020. Johnny has also performed at 3 Arena and Live at the Marquee. Right now, he enjoys spending time with Johnny O’Brien.

The 2 Johnnie YouTube channel has 124k followers and 41,866,590 views. A new video is added to the channel once per week. The most watched video on the channel is When I play for the county – The 2 Johnnies, which was posted on November 30, 2016, and has 2.4 million views.

The video typically gets 100,000–1,000,000 views. Johnny was not able to participate as planned in the radio program Drive It because of the controversy surrounding the shared comments.

In addition to YouTube, he makes use of social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. He is active on Instagram as @johnny.smacks and has 111k followers.

He posts about both his concerts and personal activities on his Instagram account. On Facebook, where he has 1.1k fans, he frequently posts as Johnny Smacks Mcmahon.

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