An athlete Nicolina Tessitore mother Joe Tessitore will be the broadcaster for the ESPN.

The couple’s two children are John and Nicolina; Joe is wed to Rebecca. John, his oldest child, and Nicolina, his youngest, are both exceptional athletes.

Nicolina Tessitore
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Nicolina Tessitore Mother Joe Tessitore

The daughter of Joe Tessitore is Nicoline Tessitore, a squash player for the University of Virginia.

When Nicoline was a student at Choate Rosemary Hall, she started playing it in 2013 and excelled at it. She started going at the University of Virginia in 2021.

In high school, she set numerous records and received several awards. With Choate, she finished second in the 2019 Girls II Class A New England Prep Championships.

The same year, she also placed seventh at the West Coast Junior Championship and sixth at the Spector Philadelphia Junior Championship.

She was placed as high as No. 8 in the U-17 national rankings when she won the Wallis/Sullivan Award for Greatest Contribution to Athletics from the Choate Athletic Department in 2018.

After joining the Virginia squash team, she posted a 7-1 record in her first season with the Cavaliers and even defeated Georgetown three times in the MASC Championships. She also won their exhibition match against Drexel’s Katerina Cummings at the MASC Championships.

Nicolina has 1400 Instagram followers and 28 posts, so she has the potential to be more active there.

Her father once posted pictures of her and her teammates are celebrating after the University of Virginia women’s squash team won the season’s first game. He commended them for their accomplishments.

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Information About Nicolina Tessitore

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Image Source: twitter
  • Nicolina Tessitore was born in Wallingford, Connecticut, to Joe and Rebecca Tessitore. The name of her older brother is John.
  • She is an athlete who competes in collegiate squash at the University of Virginia. Her sibling also participated in football for Boston College. Her father is a sportscaster for ABC and ESPN.
  • Tessitore has a towering torso and has maintained a movie-star body. She stands at five feet seven inches.
  • She spent her senior year at Choate Rosemary Hall before applying to the University of Virginia for college.
  • She has represented US Squash since 2013 and has had top-10 finishes at the Hongkong Open, according to her Virginia Sports biography. She advanced to No. 8 in the U-17 national rankings while winning the 2019 Choate Squash Tom Generous Award.

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