Who Is Jeff Zients’s Wife? Find His Married Life And Family Details

Mary Menell, the late husband of Urban Alliance Foundation president Jeff Zients, was a founding member of the organization. The couple has four kids together.

Jeff, who most recently served as President Biden’s Coordinator for Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak, is taking a job in government as the next chief of staff.

The revelation that he will succeed Ron Klain in the role held by President Joe Biden was just made public. Some individuals are happy by the news, while many others are critical of the move.

At first, the detractors zeroed in on his huge money, which he amassed while working in the private medical sector, and his prior activities. According to Fox News, his fortune is worth anything from $89 million to $443 million.

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Jeff Zients’s Wife, Mary Menell

After more than three decades together, Jeff Zients tied the knot with Mary Menell. Mary manages her husband’s charity activities. Thus, the two of them frequently collaborate.

Mary Menell was an early supporter of the organization now known as The Urban Alliance. In 1996, she and her husband laid the groundwork for the nonprofit we know today.

Through corporate partnerships, this nonprofit gives economically disadvantaged kids access to paid internships, adult mentorship, and job training.

Beginning with a goal to inspire the next generation, Jeff and Mary now leads the foundation as its executive director and board chair, respectively.

She appears more concerned with empowering the next generation. Another organization she helped start is City Year South Africa, a community service initiative for young people.

She is the chairman of the board committee for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund in the United States and is very involved with the African Leadership Academy’s advisory council.

She has chaired the Commission on the President’s House Fellows and has done work for Women International and the K–12 Maret School.

The Couple Tied Their Knot In 1992

In a stunning ceremony held in Cape Town in 1992, Jeff and Mary exchanged their vows. Nelson Mandela was a guest at the wedding and wished the couple a long and happy life together.

Since then, the couple’s relationship has had highs and lows. They’ve supported each other through the ups and downs of married life. They just celebrated 30 years of marriage and want to spend the rest of their lives together.

Jeff Zients’s Family

His parents, Alan and Debbie Zients, are both Jewish, and they raised their son, Jeff, in the state of Washington, where he was born.

Alan’s a psychotherapist, and Debbie keeps herself busy as a volunteer with Women For Women. Since additional details of their origin should be highlighted on the internet, it is assumed that both are American.

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After his birth in the nation’s capital, Jeffrey’s family settled in the Maryland neighbourhood of Kensington.

He attended Duke University for undergraduate studies and then St. Albans for his high school education. He and his immediate family currently reside in a Washington, DC, mansion that spans 9,000 square feet.

Jeff And Mary’s Children

Jeff and Mary have raised four kids. They are a lovely family of six, and they all share a home in Washington, DC.

The ages of the couple’s children have not been revealed, although they are likely in their late teens or early twenties.

Yet, we have been unable to locate Zeints or Menell’s social media profiles. Because we have little access to their private life, we know very little about their children.

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