Like his sibling, Harry Melling, Professional writer, and PR expert Jack Melling, oh, Man! is a podcast that Jack Melling broadcasts.

The world knows the English actor Dudley Dursley from the five Harry Potter movies he appeared in. He was cast as Harry Potter’s obnoxious, thuggish relative.

The actor earned a second wind in his career by performing more adult parts after losing the weight that had become the most recognized aspect of his Dudley character in his twenties. He subsequently moved to severe acting.

From critically regarded TV series like “The Queen’s Gambit” and “His Dark Materials” to critically praised films like “The Tragedy of Macbeth” and “Please Baby Please,” he has amassed a total of 29 acting credits to his name. The 2022 thriller “The Pale Blue Eye” had him as Edgar Allan Poe.

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Harry’s Brother, Jack Melling

Harry’s brother Jack Melling is a podcast host and author who discusses issues related to the mind. As with many people, Jack Melling is politically engaged.

Oh Man, the author’s popular podcast, ranked #41 on FeedSpot’s list of the 100 Best Men’s Podcasts. Jack and his co-host Robert Stimpson conduct a podcast.

The podcast mainly discusses the significance of 21st-century masculinity and how it should be evaluated. Effeminacy, wealth, dating, strength, body image, and parenting are some themes that pop up in these discussions.

Throughout 2021 and 2022, the pair has released over eighteen episodes of their podcast, each of which is over an hour in length.

Not only does Jack host a podcast, but he is also a prolific writer who frequently posts short pieces on Medium about, among other things, mental health, politics, and football.

The man is opinionated and does not hesitate to put them on paper. He is an outspoken Twitter user who frequently discusses British politics, football, and, of course, the mental health of males. The author also freely discusses his brother’s business operations and often posts videos of his ventures.

Harry Melling’s Parents

Harry Melling’s parents and brother make up his immediate family. They currently make their home in the UK.

Given that Harry’s maternal grandfather, Patrick Troughton, was a renowned British actor schooled in the classical canon, it’s safe to say that Harry’s artistic bloodlines run deep.

Patrick is well-known for his role as the second Doctor Who. On March 13, 1989, Harry Melling was born to parents Brian Melling and Joanna Troughton.

Both Brian and Joanna work as illustrators. His father has worked in the creative industry as an illustrator, designer, and speaker since 1967.

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To earn his National Diploma of Arts and Design in Graphic Design and Illustration, Brian attended London’s University of the Arts from 1964 to 1967.

He’s worked as an illustrator, designer, and background artist at publishing houses, including Hamlyn Books and Oxford University Press.

Movies like “Yellow Submarine” and “Henry 9 Till 5” also benefit from his expertise. Last but not least, he has served as a visiting lecturer at several institutions, including Harrow College of Art and West Herts College.

Harry Melling’s Mother, Joanna Troughton

Joanna Troughton, Harry Melling’s mother, is an author and illustrator of children’s books. She is Patrick Troughton’s daughter.

Joanna’s books include vibrant illustrations of animals and nature to teach valuable lessons to young readers.

In addition, she updates classic tales for contemporary readers. Like her spouse, she earned a degree in graphic design from London’s Hornsey College of Art.

She has since penned and drawn 14 collections of traditional tales worldwide. She has written more than 26 novels and illustrated many others.

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