Max Bennett Kelly, Ella Purnell’s boyfriend, is a musician with a popular YouTube channel. Max Bennett Kelly & Coon is his own business, which he owns and operates.

The English actress has become well-known for her roles in films such as Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Wildlike, and Never Let Me Go.

She attended Forest School and the Young Actors Theatre Islington as a child growing up in the neighbourhood of Bethnal Green.

While attending the weekly courses, she was able to hone her skills in the areas of acting, singing, and dancing. She started out her career as a stage actress.

The actress competed against one hundred other women for the role of Oliver at London’s Theatre Royal and won.

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Ella’s Boyfriend, Max Bennett

Max Bennett, boyfriend of Ella Purnell Kelly, is an artist who performed “Whatever Makes You Happy.” Ella thinks Max is great and recognizes his hard work.

Besides being a gifted musician, the artist exhibits unusual social interaction modes. On his youtube account, where he posts his music videos, he has over 4.5k followers.

His latest album, which features his significant other, was released a month ago. As an actor, the Arcane star admitted she was pleased with his progress.

Broke, Always Never Again, Fresh Green at The Gallery, The Outsiders, Happy Healthy Well-adjusted, and so far gone are just a few of the songs he worked on.

While in the hospital for a sponsored clinical experiment, he covers Aries Conversations. In addition to his musical endeavours, he is also the founder of the clothing company Max Bennett Kelly & Co.

The actress from Yellowjackets sent the intimate photo to her boyfriend on his birthday, January 11. She wished him a happy birthday and told him he was the most special person to her.

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The artist released the single “Birthday” in June 2022, claiming 25 years old. Therefore, he is presently 26 years old.

The starlet described her friendship with the actor as “warm, giving, and sensitive.” Lucky as she was to be in the presence of someone who adores her and cheers her on to great heights, she felt blessed.

The musician said that it was like having the blinds drawn when she suddenly appeared in his life. Whenever he speaks, it makes perfect logic, and he constantly compliments his lady.

It was in June of 2022 that she gushed about how stable her relationship with her spouse had been. She felt like she couldn’t have made it without his encouragement. It’s been a difficult few weeks for the actress.’

Who Are Ella’s Parents?

Suzy and Simon Reid Purnell are Ella’s parents. Her parents divorced, but they still took pride in their daughter’s accomplishments and often posted about them online.

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Ella Purnell’s Father, Simon Reid

Ella Purnell’s dad, Simon Reid, is a businessman based in Sweden. After his divorce from Suzy, he began a new family with Isabelle.

His current wife has given birth to three more children: Noa, Enzo, and Leon. On her father’s daughter’s birthday, September 17, 2020, Reid shared a throwback photo from her childhood.

He remarked that he is pleased with who she has become. Simon said these characteristics describe his daughter perfectly: elegance, humour, compassion, ambition, stability, and curiosity.

He went far enough to say that their physical separation was about 5,000 kilometres. He sent him a warm greeting to celebrate his son Noa Reid’s 18th birthday on January 18, 2021. He was pleased with the man he had become and as contemptuous of his father as he was.

Ella Purnell’s Mother, Suzy Purnell

Mother Ella Purnell Yogi Suzy Purnell teaches others the art of meditation and relaxation. She then married Jon Squirrell, proprietor of The Vault Gym, after going through a divorce.

Their wedding was a formal ceremony attended by their loved ones. Squirrell has a good relationship with his stepdaughter Ella, as seen by his IG post praising the actress’s newest project.

A lovely person inside and out, the actress’s mother praised her qualities on her 25th birthday.
Little bean was the name she gave her frequently.

The actress’ mother also thinks her daughter’s laughter is the sweetest sound in the world. When Suzy’s daughter decided on her future, she backed her up.

She expressed her joy for her child and the rest of the cast when she appeared in Sweerbitter. To mark the 2018 release of Les Eauxde Chanel, the mother and daughter spent quality time on the Chanel beach in Deauville. The actress occasionally assisted her mother with the cosmetic application.

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