Melinda Handlowich and John Medley Jr. are Dorinda Medley’s siblings. 

Along with her brothers, Dorinda Medley was born in the Berkshires. The actor for Real Housewives of New York was raised in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, where she currently resides.

Her parents, an Italian mother and a Polish father of mixed ancestry, reared her and her three other siblings in Berkshire county.

Because Melinda and Johnny are frequently mentioned on her social media pages, some of her admirers are now interested in learning more about her siblings.

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To Find Out Who Dorinda Medley’s Sister Melinda Handlowich Is, continue reading the article.

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Who Is Dorinda Medley Sister Melinda Handlowich?

John and Diane Cinkala welcomed Dorinda Medley and her sister Melinda Handlowich into the world. Melinda and Dorinda both grew up in the Berkshires.

She wasn’t as beautiful as Dorinda, but she had a maternal aura. Additionally, Melinda made a few brief cameos on The Real Housewives of New York.

She once showed up for a RHONY function in Santa Claus attire. According to Pressreader, the Berkshire siblings who frequently went on holiday to Saratoga.

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They enjoyed going to performances at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. Melinda was a teacher before taking an unofficial retirement to assist her husband in managing their two enterprises.

Despite being married for more than 20 years, she has never given birth to a child. She has two pet dogs at home though, and she loves animals.

Melinda attended the Berkshire School and Elms College following high school, according to her Facebook profile.

Dorinda commended her sister for having a good heart and treating dogs like family in one of the films she shared on Instagram.

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Meet Dorinda Medley Older Brother John Medley Jr

Fans first learned about John Medley Jr. when Dorinda planned a celebration for his 60th birthday. On July 7, she made a video of the incident and sent him a kind birthday card.

The woman also uploaded on YouTube a video of her family wishing Johnny a happy birthday and giving him a stunning cake.

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He spent 20 years practicing tax law for State Street Corporation, according to the Sasaki Foundation. He currently works for the Treasury Department.

He has also spent 15 years overseeing the financial operations of non-profit organizations. He currently holds the positions of trustee for Boston by Foot and member of the Boston Society of Architects’ audit committee.

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