Who Is Diallo Riddle’s Wife Brittany Riddle?

Since 2009, Diallo Riddle and his wife Brittany Riddle have been wed. Event planner and choreographer Brittany Riddle.

Diallo is a writer, actor, and showrunner nominated for Emmy and WGA awards. He has married his partner for thirteen years, and they are pleased.

Through random Instagram posts of the Riddle family, the actor gives his fans a look into his happy marriage.

Brittany and Diallo have been together for more than 20 years and have three devoted sons. The actor had expressed his gratitude to Brittany for her thirteen years of love and support.

The couple is the epitome of true love. They will continue to adore one another for the rest of their lives. True love can be challenging to find, but the couple is having success with their relationship.

Who Is Diallo Riddle's Wife Brittany Riddle?
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Who Is Diallo Riddle’s Wife?

Brittany Riddle, the wife of Diallo Riddle, is a former dancer who now plans events. Over 13 years have passed since they got married.

She is well-known as a dancer and choreographer in Los Angeles who is most recognized for her work on the comedic television series Sherman’s Showcase, which her husband and Bashir Salahuddin produced. The show chronicles the development of a successful, made-up variety show.

Brittany had an exciting year choreographing for the series and making appearances as a dancer. “We are delighted to have a performance that puts dancers in the spotlight as key characters, as opposed to being in the background,” she stated to Dance Informa.

Her parents supported and encouraged her to pursue a profession in dancing in her early years. She used to be driven there by them for her dance classes. Leslie Dahl, Brittany’s dance teacher in high school, was also a significant influence.

Brittany, who was raised in the small Alaskan town of Juneau, claims that without the encouragement of her dance teacher, she would have never realized that she could dance professionally.

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She and her squad appeared on ESPN while winning national and international championships.

Her teacher would allow students to choreograph by inviting a lot of outside choreographers to their program. Brittany acquired the ability to structure her ideas and develop formations there.

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Diallo And Brittany Celebrated Their 13 Years Of Marriage

On April 22, 2022, Diallo shared heartfelt images of his family to commemorate their thirteen years of marriage. The actor remarks, “13 years is a long time in a life, but mine just keeps getting better and better.”

The top image in the first picture was taken on their wedding day, and the bottom photo was taken the day before their 13th anniversary, making it unique. The best person on the globe, according to Diallo, is by his side.

I never stop learning about new abilities, new strengths, new degrees of love and, yes, surprises she has inside, he continued. The two have never stopped having fun as they continue to give their followers the ideal couple goals.

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As part of “those plans (he posted on his Instagram) in the valley, near Satsuma,” Diallo also revealed that he proposed to Brittany. He continues, “Like us, they are still there. @baariddle, you have my undying affection.”

Diallo And Brittany Riddle Children

Felix Coltrane, Calvin, and Desmond Thames Aggassi Riddle are three boys born to Diallo and Brittany Riddle.

On April 20, 2009, the couple decided to get married after a lengthy courtship. Their first child, Felix, who is now thirteen years old, was born in November 2009. Their second child, Calvin, who is now ten years old, was born in February 2012.

In March 2017, their youngest son Desmond was born, becoming the family’s newest member. Five years old is the boy. A few months after his birth, he had surgery because he was born with craniosynostosis.

There are no rumours of a divorce or extramarital affairs between the happy couple and their children as they coexist.

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