Amy Mitchell is married to New Zealand cricket star Daryl Mitchell. Mitchell wed his wife in 2017, and they now have a child.

The 31-year-old cricketer competes for Canterbury’s domestic and national teams. In Hamilton, New Zealand, a former player named John Mitchell became pregnant with him.

Amy Mitchell
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Who Is Daryl Mitchell’s Wife Amy Mitchell?

On July 8, 2017, Daryl Mitchell and his wife, Amy Mitchell, exchanged vows.

The relationship between the two people started on January 11, 2014, and they dated for three years before becoming engaged. When their romance ended, they decided to get married.

There is a year between Daryl and Amy in age. Contrarily, his wife was born in 1990. Daryl was born in 1991. He is Amy’s age because he is one year Amy’s junior.

Amy can be found on Instagram by searching for @amyb2883. Only her fans can read her daily posts because she maintains a secret profile. She also created Instagram accounts for their two children, Addison and Lily.

The kids’ Instagram accounts are used to keep a digital record of their growth. Both of the children’s accounts are also set to private.

Facts About the Family of Daryl Mitchell

Image Source: Instagram
  • On July 8, 2017, Daryl Mitchell and Amy Mitchell exchanged vows.
  • Before finally exchanging wedding vows in 2017, the pair had been dating for three years, beginning in 2014.
  • The couple gave birth to two children. In December 2018, they welcomed their daughter Addison Joyce Mitchell into the world. Lily, the couple’s second child, was born in November 2020.
  • Amy Mitchell posts on Instagram under the account @amyb2883.Her Instagram account is private, so the content she shares is only visible to those who follow her.
  • To preserve the memories of their children as they grow older, Daryl and his wife decided to create Instagram profiles for each of their children. Both @lilymareemitchell and @addisonmitchell20 are their Twitter handles, which you can follow.
  • John and Kay Mitchell are Daryl’s parents. The head coach of the New Zealand Rugby Union is his father, a former player.
  • His father left his job to watch Daryl play. He was pleased to be able to see his son score the game-winning 72 not out. Ciara Mitchell is the sister of Daryl Mitchell.

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