Who Is Danny Fujikawa’s Mother Melissa Linehan?

On HGTV Celebrity IOU, Melissa Linehan and her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Danny Fujikawa, made an appearance. On Celebrity IOU, Kate Hudson surprised her future mother-in-law with a backyard renovation.

On December 5, 2022, the fourth episode of Season 4 of Celebrity IOU aired, and everyone was excited to hear Kate’s answer. The attack was a rollercoaster of emotions.

For those unaware, the well-liked HGTV series Celebrity IOU features Hollywood A-listers surprising their friends and family with upgrades as a thoughtful gift.

They express their sincere gratitude to those who have made a significant difference. Kate also took the chance to tell her admiration and love for Melissa.

She collaborated with Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott from The Property Brothers to surprise Linehan with a stunning renovation.

This was Kate’s way of thanking Melissa after the well-known actress gave her backyard a stunning makeover.

Who Is Danny Fujikawa's Mother Melissa Linehan?
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Who Is Danny Fujikawa’s Mother?

Melissa Linehan, a devoted mother and self-sufficient single parent who retired from teaching, is the mother of Danny Fujikawa.

Along with her future daughter-in-law Kate Hudson, she recently made an appearance on HGTV.

Melissa needs a safer and more helpful backyard to spend a happy time with her grandchildren and continue to enjoy her retired life with her children.

Lineham recently experienced a minor accident that resulted in two broken ankles; she is doing well and recovering.

She is British, Scottish, and Irish in descent. Rani Rose, her granddaughter from Kate and Danny, and she are incredibly close. As they trim the vegetable patch, Rose and her grandmother enjoy singing and dancing.

Linehan and her ex-husband Ron Fujikawa share two sons, Michael and Brady, in addition to Danny. Michael and Danny started the band “Chief.” Before breaking up, the band put out a single EP and an album.

When Daddy and Kate are busy with their schedules, she also looks after her granddaughter. Melissa serves as Rose’s “Grandma MuuMuu.”

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When Melissa arrived in April 2021, she took care of Kate’s granddaughter Rose while Kate engaged in self-care activities like stretching with hand weights. The actress posted a workout video to her Instagram account.

Grandma MuuMuu can be seen giving Rose lots of love and attention in the background as the actress tries out different exercise machines. “Thank God for Grandma (MuuMuu), or I’d never get this in,” Kate wrote about the first clips.

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Celebrity IOU Season 4 Part 2 Features Kate Hudson Involved In Backyard Remodeling

In Celebrity IOU Season 4, Kate Hudson shocks Melissa Lineham with a garden makeover.

In the episode “Kate Hudson’s Extravagant Backyard Build,” the stunning actress renovates her dingy garden and outdoor space into a welcoming space for entertaining and relaxing. She wants to thank her for everything by doing this.

The Almost Famous star brings her four-year-old daughter Rani Rose to help Melissa plant the garden in an exclusive video. The young child is seen working in the garden of her lovely granma while donning a sundress.

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The Scott brothers assist Hudson in realizing his vision for Melissa’s backyard. The construction of an outdoor kitchen, fireplace and low-maintenance retreat took more than six weeks.

A bocce ball court and an updated casita that functions as an art studio are also present. In the episode, viewers will see Hudson donning the roles of renovator, interior designer, and builder as she knocks down walls, uses hammers and drills, and decides how to landscape.

Additionally, Kate’s young daughter helps her plant in the backyard of her grandmother MuuMuu. Me and Moo Moo will plant some lettuce and parsley, the actress sings, with Rose joining in vocalizing the vegetables.

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