Who Is CandyEvie? Learn About Her Boyfriend, Real Name, Age

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CandyEvie formerly utilized a fictitious name without a face on websites and social media, but as of 2019, she has exposed who she really is.

She is an English YouTuber and Twitch streamer. She posts a variety of Pokémon videos on her main channel. She also posts humorous animations on her second channel.

CandyEvie began her career by posting videos of encounters with sparkly Pokémon. Later, she shifted to viewing videos of Pokémon trivia. She later became an animator on YouTube.

The Twitch celebrity has 700K subscribers to her personal YouTube channel compared to more than 76.9K followers on Twitch.

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Has CandyEvie Unveiled Her Face?

CandyEvie has revealed her face. Unfortunately, she doesn’t appear in many online photos. However, she also uploaded a few pictures on her social media accounts.

She is white, with a brownish-reddish head. She hasn’t posted all that often, although she occasionally uploads selfies that show her face. She is an English YouTuber, but it is unknown where she was born or her upbringing.

CandyEvie can be found on Instagram by typing @candyluvie into the search bar. She has published 68 times on Instagram and has more than 27.8k followers.

She was an obsessive shiny Pokémon hunter on Twitch when she initially gained a devoted following.

CandyEvie Real Name And Age

CandyEvie’s real name is revealed to be Lucy. But nobody knows what her last name is. Likewise, she is currently 23 years old.

She was born in 1998, and her birthday is celebrated every July 28. She is frequently referred to as CandyEvie and Luvie in online media.

All her social media and YouTube accounts use her stage name or pet name. She prefers to go by her stage moniker rather than her real name.

Her first documented online appearance was also on her Twitch account. She hunted for and caught shiny Pokémon for her collection while streaming herself in real-time.

Because none of the streams were saved to her Twitch channel, there is no public proof of their existence.

On October 26, 2012, she launched her YouTube channel. As of 2022, her channel has received over 112 million views.

Despite her recent reduction in Twitch engagement, her YouTube channel has a sizable following.
It is filled with lists and trivia videos, and you can see her studying every version variant between the games in the main series.

Lucy is a Pokémon Trading Card Game fan and draws a lot of attention when she opens both new and old TCG sets.

Who Is CandyEvie Boyfriend?

CandyEvie hasn’t revealed who she is seeing. However, she appears to be unmarried, according to some reports.

She appreciates her privacy and her time alone, away from prying eyes. Her previous partnerships had also not been made public.

No trustworthy sources have discussed her love life up to this point. In response, the English streamer has not disclosed her marital status in the media.

Additionally, CandyEvie’s social media platform does not help us with this. In the real world, Lucy hasn’t made any allusions to her conceivable romantic status.

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