Crystal has been married to Canadian professional ice hockey coach Bruce Boudreau for a very long time.

Crystal and Bruce Boudreau are the kinds of people who merit tearing down a wall. Throughout his time there, Bruce served as the team’s captain for the Washington Capitals, Anaheim Ducks, and Minnesota Wild.

He also won the Jack Adams Award. The famous Hershey Bears of the American Hockey League and a number of other investors shared the Calder Cup in 2006 with Bruce’s most recent investment, a junior hockey team in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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Who Is Bruce Boudreau Wife Crystal Boudreau?

Being married to Crystal Boudreau, a professional ice hockey coach, allows the two of them to work together professionally. The two met in the Fort Wayne arena following a game in 1991.

For six months, Mr. Boudreau’s divorce had been recognized as being final. While playing for the Fort Wayne Komets of the IHL, Crystal worked in the arena’s gift shop.

The two people started dating in 1992. Following that, the couple was hitched in 1995. The couple has been content in their lovely marriage ever since.

Because of how much deeper their love has grown, we hope their marriage will last a lifetime. For thirty years, Bruce and Crystal have been a couple.

The couple welcomed Brady Boudreau into the world on July 7, 1998. On the other hand, Brady’s Facebook page claims that his actual birthday is July 7, 1988.

In addition, Crystal Boudreau’s son received an Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis when he was 14 years old. Mrs. Boudreau had a series of tests, but it wasn’t until she was 42 years old that she received the all-clear.

She scored roughly a 78, while her young son scored a 95. Brady received a lot of love and attention from Crystal, a caring mother, and her husband. Additionally, she adores her three stepchildren.

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The three children he had with his first wife Mary Gibb, Andy, Ben, and Kasey Boudreau, get along well with Bruce Boudreau’s spouse. For a variety of reasons, they frequently assemble in groups.

All of Bruce Boudreau’s children currently have full-time jobs. Crystal has been a good parent, just like Bruce. Crystal Bruce Boudreau’s wife Margaret Frey was born on December 28, 1979.

She was born into a family of bakers because she is the granddaughter of a baker. As a result, baking has always been an important part of her life. She is a pastry chef as far as her line of work is concerned.

Family vacations she took as a child served as the basis for Mrs. Boudreau’s pastry experiments, which evolved into a significant part of her approach.

Her transition from creating exquisite drop cookies to launching her own dessert catering business has been advantageous for her as a baker.

For their pastry chef, Sur La Table developed a new post in 2017. There, she taught pupils with varied academic backgrounds.

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Exploring Bruce Boudreau Business

The former NHL coach and his wife are currently making plans for a second ice hockey franchise. Crystal has her own bakery in addition to working for her husband.

Minnesota Blue Ox was started by a married couple and their associates in business. In 2021, the Hershey Cubs joined the current organization. The couple’s business ventures have been a resounding success.

Bruce’s supporter Crystal regularly attends his activities or sporting events with him. We want to find out more about her in the days to come. She should be enjoying her independence, I hope.

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All of their focus has been on a junior team in Hershey, Pennsylvania, in an effort to make it successful. His wife traveled to and from Vancouver five times.

To ensure that their sponsors and instructors were present, they had to set up everything. The beloved former Capitals head coach has made an investment in a USPHL Tier III Junior A team (USPHL).

The Boudreaus also own the Minnesota Blue Ox of the USPL Premier Division. Brady Boudreau, son of Bruce Boudreau, works as an assistant coach there. Boudreau’s wife, Crystal, is constantly on the run.

When the camp is not in session, she helps with administrative duties. When it occurs, she is in charge of staffing the concession stand and directing the placement of the equipment.

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