Who Is Britt Irvin’s Husband Chris Boni?

Britt Irvin has been married to Chris Boni since July 7, 2018. In 2018, Britt Irvin wed Chris Boni, her boyfriend. Britt is a Canadian actress. She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on November 10, 1984.

She began singing and ballet dancing in festivals when she was six years old. She was able to work on two separate musicals four years later. She then performed voiceovers for numerous television series and advertisements.

She has since appeared in over eighty movies, TV programs, and voice-acting roles. These films include Scary Godmother: The Revenge of Jimmy, The Road That Binds Us, The Wrong Babysitter, Night Man, and Barbie: A Fairy Secret, among others.

Britt has previously published music. In 2019, she appeared in FRANKIE’s music video: “Dream Reader.”

Who Is Britt Irvin's Husband Chris Boni?
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Who Is Britt Irvin’s Husband, Chris Boni?

Chris Boni and Britt Irvin tied the knot on July 7, 2018. In 2022, the couple just finished up their fourth-anniversary celebration.

On their wedding anniversary, Britt wished her husband a happy anniversary and shared a photo of them on Instagram.

Chris works in the acting business, just like Britt Irvin. His most well-known work is the short film Argos, which he wrote and directed (2018). One of the primary characters was Britt Irvin, to put it briefly.

In 2012, he co-wrote and directed the fantasy horror film Dis-caret (2012). Similarly, he also wrote the 2016 book Two Cares Due None. Along with Melissa Fisher, he is one of the film’s two directors.

The author rarely posts on his Instagram account regarding his work. On his Instagram account, he makes additional updates about his family.

On his Instagram, he usually publishes photos of his wife and daughter and images from his daily life.

Most of his posts have captions that are just one-word statements or sentences. His username on Instagram is @bonifeelings. On it, he has more than a thousand followers.

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Britt And Chris’s Children’s Details

Vea Irvin is the proud daughter of Britt Irvin and Chris Boni. She resembles her mother in having lovely short golden hair.

Véa is a child in quarantine. She was conceived on March 9, 2020, during the COVID pandemic lockdown.

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Since Véa’s birth, Britt and Chris have shared numerous photos of their daughter. Britt posted a message on her Instagram wishing Britt a happy birthday on her first birthday.

In the image’s description, she stated that she and her husband have an unending love for their kid.

After Véa turned one, Britt included her in every single Instagram photo. Véa will be two on March 9, 2022.

A bit less frequently than her mother’s Instagram posts, her father’s Instagram account also has a lot of posts about her. She receives a lot of love and attention from both of her parents.

Fans of her parents adore her as well. People have commented on how adorable Véa is and how pleased her parents are to have her in every post that includes her images.

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