At the moment, Anna Haugh is wed to Richard Elwell. Irish chef, restaurateur, and TV personality Haugh is well-known. She was born in Dublin, Ireland, and reared in Tallaght. 

She finished a professional culinary program at the TU Dublin School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology. In May 2019, she inaugurated the Myrtle Restaurant in Chelsea, London.

British-Irish chef and television personality Haugh has experience working in some of the best restaurants in France and the UK. She was reared in a home where food was appreciated and loved, so she has always had a deep affinity for it. She has 20 years of professional cooking experience, and the 2019 Food and Wine Awards named her “The Best International Chef.”

Who Is Anna Haugh Husband Richard Elwell? Their Married Life And Children Details Revealed
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Who Is Anna Haugh Husband Richard Elwell?

Richard Elwell, also known as Rich to Anna, is her life partner and business partner. Anna’s long-held dream of owning her restaurant was made possible in large part by Richard, who eventually joined her as a co-owner of Myrtle in Chelsea, London.

For the majority of her career, relationships had been a low priority in her life. She had even gone through periods in her life when the stress of her work obligations compelled her to end her 13-year marriage. But ultimately, she discovered why she wanted to have a family with Richard.

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She had spent most of her life working as a chef, keeping her very busy. She was, therefore, too busy to care for a family. She once claimed that not having children was lucky since it would have hindered her from fully committing to her work as a chef.

Being a television personality and a chef kept her busy, so having kids had always been a goal for the future. However, she achieved the independence she needed to start a family after dating Richard Elwell and launching her restaurant.

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Anna Haugh Children Details

Their first child was born in 2021, and Anna’s boy was named Oisn Ronnie Elwell. Before meeting Anna, Richard had a child from a previous relationship named Henry. Anna said Richard’s relationship with Henry made him a better father to young Oisin.

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As a result, the four-person family is enjoying peaceful and happy days.She always believed that having children would hinder her from pursuing a professional career, but she has now given in to her family’s aspirations while seeking work.

Anna Haugh Biography Details

Television personality and British chef Haugh has worked in some of the top eateries in the UK and France. She enrolled in the TU Dublin School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology to pursue a professional cookery course after graduating from Presentation Secondary School in Terenure.

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Since she was instrumental in founding Gordon Ramsay’s London House restaurant, she even received the honor of serving as its first head chef. Some people have even referred to her as Gordon Ramsay’s protege.

Her greatest dream was to build her restaurant, even though she had established a relatively strong reputation as a professional chef in the UK and France. She is living her dream and has fulfilled her life’s ambitions.

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Some FAQs Related To Anna Haugh

Who is Anna Haugh married to?

Anna Haugh is married to Richard Elwell.

How many kids does Anna Haugh have?

Anna and Richard have a son named Oisín Ronnie Elwell, and Richard has a son from his previous relationship.

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