Who Is Alex Jarrett?

Alex Jarrett, age 22, comes from a culturally rich background, as the half Jamaican and half British actress is the next rising star of Britain. She has voiced the role of adult Zoe in the newly launched video game As Dusk Falls.

The young, talented actress has been in the entertainment world from a very young age, as she has done modeling, played in theatres, and rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. 

As Alex Jarrett is getting great reviews for her voice acting in As Dusk Falls, many fans are curious to know more about the British actress. So, what’s the delay? Scroll down to learn more about the actress.

Who Is Alex Jarrett?

East London-based actress Alex Jarrett is signed with Middleweek Newton Talent Management. The actress rose to fame after appearing in the television series Adult Material (2020).


The Zoe voice actor has always loved acting and says that her favorite aspect of acting is the ability to transform into someone else.

At The Old Red Lion theater, the actor performed a one-woman performance, which she considers to be both her most challenging and favorite role to date. In the play Angel, she took on the part of the stunning Ayesha.

Alex Jarrett Age

The 22-year-old British actress was born on May 30, 2000. She stands at 5′ 8″. Alex worked in child modeling until the age of seven before quitting to pursue a career in acting.


At the age of 12, her mother forced her to join the performing arts since she recognized her talent. Then, at the age of 13, Jarrett joined Youth Arts, where he has since taken on a variety of jobs.

She portrayed young Sasha in The Rebel (2017), which was her debut television production. The famous actress from Adult Material had her breakout performance as Azelma in the highly regarded production of Les Misérables.

Being famous at a young age can be incredibly challenging, but Alex has always kept her feet firmly planted and worked hard to take on a variety of tasks throughout her career.

Alex Jarrett Ethnicity

The mixed-race Alexa Jarrett is half Jamaican and half British. She has a British passport and was reared in East London.

Jarrett is proud of her Jamaican heritage and has drawn inspiration from her countrymen.

She stated in an interview that she would adore the chance to speak with Akala, a rapper, and author whose book Natives is a personal favorite of our actress.

Akala discusses the politicization of mixed-race people in Natives and has commented on systemic racism in Britain.

Jarrett remarked that since Akala and she have a cultural background and an interest in Black history, she would love to pick her brain.

3 Facts Related To Alex Jarrett: The One Who Voiced Adult Zoe In The Video Game As Dusk Falls

1. Alex Jarrett: The Young Mayor Of Newham In 2015

Alex was elected as the Young Mayor of Newham in 2015. She competed in the mayor’s race after completing her education at a community college.

She ran for office with three major goals in mind, and it appears that the youth were drawn to her way of thinking.

Jarrett discussed how young people are not offered opportunities because they lack experience in her campaign video.

She described herself as being hardworking, opinionated, and very strong, and we can see all three of those traits in her.

Jarrett upholds these traits even as an adult, and they have influenced the way she has developed her profession.

2. Alex Jarrett Worked With Oscar Winner Olivia Colman

Every aspiring actor hopes to share the stage with an actress with as much experience as Olivia Colman. A renowned British actress is the only person who makes us smile.

The Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman hired 18-year-old Alex to work on the Les Miserables television series.

The British actress said in an interview that she had a wonderful time working with Olivia Colman. She said she would always remember that conversation.

When Jarrett asked the Oscar winner what one principle she lived by when she was filming Les Miserables, the icon said that she tells herself every morning before leaving her house that she will make someone smile today.

Our little actress has kept those thoughts in mind since she thinks that seeing someone smile can make us feel wonderful and optimistic.

3. Alex Jarrett Is Not A Good Singer

Failing is not something that Alex wants to do because she is a successful woman. Alex, however, admitted in an interview that she struggles with singing and that she is not very good at it.

Jarrett made it clear that she is not tone deaf but thinks with practice, she can hit the appropriate note. So, if you see the actress singing in one of her plays or other ventures, don’t be surprised.

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