Who Got Beth Pregnant On Yellowstone?

In the Yellowstone American drama series, Rip got Beth pregnant. Cole Hauser plays Rip, while Kelly Reilly plays Beth.

In the American neo-western drama series that Paramount Global Distribution Group has been distributing since 2018, Beth is one of the main characters.

Beth is one of the most interesting characters on the show because she is keeping some things from the audience and other characters.

Her odd behavior has caught users’ attention, and as a result, the character has remained in the show until its fifth season as a fan favourite.

Since the drama series had fans’ attention since its first season but only got more interesting during its fifth, there is a lot of talk about it online.

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Who Got Beth Pregnant On Yellowstone?

Beth and Rip got pregnant while they were still teenagers, and Beth was compelled to get an abortion.

Beth and Rip have a great friendship because they have known one other since they were teenagers. Rip and Beth had been together since they were barely 14 years old, according to even Kelly, the actress who plays Beth.

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Rip is a furious young man who can kill and rip people to pieces to protect his land from intruders. Strong woman Beth contributes physically in various ways to protect their ranch from intruders.

To fans’ astonishment and adoration, when these two formidable characters are given equal screen time, their roughness is set aside and they begin acting like children.

These characters have shared screen time together since the beginning of the series, and both audiences and critics appreciate their bond. The showrunners were also blown away by the actor’s performance and hoped their friendship would continue for upcoming seasons.

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Do Rip and Beth Have Children?

Rip and Beth have no luck getting pregnant. Beth had sterilization after being pregnant as a teenager.

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Because her brother Jamie helped her abort the child when she became pregnant with Rip’s child, and because the clinic required it, he also sterilized her, she cannot have children.

As regular viewers of the show are already aware, Beth absolutely abhors and cannot stand having her brother around.

The reason behind the female lead’s actions was kept a secret for a considerable amount of the series. The reason behind the disagreement between the brother and sister was revealed in the show’s third season, though.

In a flashback scene, the audience learns that Beth and her lover Rip once had an open relationship that made her pregnant with Rip’s child.

Jamie agreed to the terms but didn’t want to inform anyone else so he kept it a secret from his sister.

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