Who Got Beth Pregnant In Yellowstone?

In the American drama series Yellowstone, Rip made Beth pregnant. Kelly Reilly portrays Beth, and Cole Hauser plays Rip.

She is one of the main characters in the American neo-western drama series that Paramount Global Distribution Group has been selling since 2018.

One of the most intriguing characters on the show is Beth, who appears to be hiding some information from viewers and other show characters.

Users have been drawn to her because of her unusual actions, and as a result, the character has persisted in the show as a fan favorite through its fifth season.

There are a lot of discussions online about the drama series because it has caught viewers’ attention since its first season but became more fascinating during its fifth.

In the most recent season, new things are learned about the characters, and in between, there are moments that fans love.

Who Got Beth Pregnant In Yellowstone?
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Who Got Beth Pregnant In Yellowstone?

During their teenage years, Beth became pregnant by her boyfriend Rip, and she was forced to have an abortion.

Since they have known each other since they were teenagers, Beth and Rip have an excellent relationship. Even Kelly, the actress who plays Beth, acknowledged that Rip and Beth have been in a romantic relationship since they were just 14 years old.

Rip is a tough kid who can kill and rip people to shreds to defend his ranch from intruders. Beth is a strong woman who helps in some physical ways to protect their ranch from attack.

However, when these two strong characters are given equal screen time, their toughness is put aside, and they start acting like children, which is delightful and endearing for viewers.

Since the start of the series, these characters have appeared together on screen, and viewers and critics adore their relationship.

The actor’s performance also pleased the showrunners, and they hope their chemistry will last for more seasons.

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Can Beth And Her Husband Have A Child?

Rip and Beth are unable to conceive children. After Beth became pregnant as a teenager, she underwent sterilization.

She is unable to have children because her brother, Jamie, assisted her in aborting the child when she became pregnant with Rip’s child. Still, due to clinical regulations, he also sterilized her so she could never become pregnant again.

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As viewers of the show are already aware, Beth truly detests her brother and can’t abide by his presence around her.

The explanation for the female lead’s actions was kept a secret for a long time in the series. But in the show’s third season, the cause of the conflict between the brother and sister was made clear.

Viewers learn about Beth’s former consensual relationship with her lover Rip during a flashback scene, which led to her being pregnant with his child.

Being only a teenager, she became afraid and asked her brother, Jamie, for assistance. He took her to a native American clinic where they could have the abortion, but the facility needed sterilization beforehand.

Jamie accepted the agreement but kept it a secret from his sister because he didn’t want to tell anybody else.

Beth became enraged and disgusted with her brother when she learned the real cause of her infertility. She states that she is still enraged with him and cannot forgive him for what he did to her in the past.

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