Chad and Andrea Kessler are Walker’s proud parents. At Georgia Bone and Joint, where he works, Dr. Chad is a qualified specialist.

Kessler comes from a long line of athletes, which may be why he followed in their footsteps. A first-round pick in the 2022 NBL Draft, he is presently playing for the NBA’s Utah Jazz. Walker’s burgeoning hoops career began at Georgia’s Woodward Academy in College Park.

At the high school level, he was named Player of the Year by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Gatorade Player of the Year in Georgia, and Mr. Georgia Basketball. For Game Elite, he also competed on the Amateur Athletic Union circuit.

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Who Are Walker Kessler Parents?

Walker Kessler is a Georgia native, reared by his parents, Chad and Andrea Kessler. Chad, Walker’s dad, was a collegiate basketball star.

Chad was born on April 23, 1965, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He played basketball in college. As of 2022, he will have turned 57.

In the 1987 NBA Draft, he was selected first overall by the Los Angeles Clippers. According to Basketball Reference, he spent only three years at the University of Georgia (1984–1987) as a freshman.

The Georgia Sports Hall of Fame awarded Chad a special citation and the University of Georgia President Award.

Initially, he planned to attend the Medical College of Georgia and earn a medical degree from the University. Still, he postponed his medical school enrollment to fulfill his goal of playing basketball for a year.

Even though he was unable to continue playing basketball at a high level, he was still able to earn his medical degree from the University.

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Presently, he holds certifications from the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, the National Board of Medical Examiners, and the National Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Due to her reluctance to go on camera, Andrea gives off the impression of being a quite reclusive person. She has been a silent but significant factor in her son’s basketball success.

When Walker first started playing college basketball, Chad and Andrea were anxious. Auburn, Duke, Michigan, Gonzaga, and North Carolina universities offered Walker scholarships.

Even though he settled on North Carolina as his college destination, Chad and Andrea still wanted to be certain about his future education.

Walker Kessler Was Destined For A Life In Basketball

Walker Kessler was destined for a life in basketball since the sport runs in his family. Chad Kessler, Walker’s dad, went to college hoops at Georgia and was drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers.

Similarly, Walker’s sibling Houston Kessler played collegiate basketball at the University of Georgia from 2013 to 2017.

Once again, Walker’s late uncle Alec Kessler was a former NBA player picked by the Houston Rockets in 1990.

Chad was unsure about Walker’s readiness to excel at the collegiate level when he was going to begin playing basketball. However, Coach Williams, a family friend, believed in Walker’s potential.

When it came time to decide on a university for her son, Andrea felt overwhelmed. She’d visit one University and consider enrolling her kid there but feel the same way after visiting another.

According to 247sports, Walker’s choice to play college basketball with the North Carolina Tar Heels shocked his parents.

The family eventually agreed with his desire to enroll him in a North Carolina university. He excelled in college basketball and was ultimately selected by the NBA. Because of this, on July 9, 2022, Walker became a Utah Jazz rookie.

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