Who Are Tania Tapsell Parents? Her Husband Kanin Clancy, Siblings and Family Details

  • October 10, 2022
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The parents of Tania Tapsell are New Zealanders named Roana Bennett and Terry Tapsell. Tania Tapsell just proclaimed herself the city of Rotorua’s new mayor. She broke down

The parents of Tania Tapsell are New Zealanders named Roana Bennett and Terry Tapsell.

Tania Tapsell just proclaimed herself the city of Rotorua’s new mayor. She broke down in tears as she addressed her supporters and shared that she had just got a phone call confirming her election as Rotorua’s mayor.

At the same time, she appointed Sandra Kai Fong as Rotorua’s deputy mayor. Now that everyone had assembled to congratulate her on her accomplishment, Tania quipped that they might throw parties.

Tapsell, who is only thirty years old, is the first Maori woman to be elected mayor of Rotorua. She has admitted that despite her best efforts, there is still work to be done.

Fletcher Tabuteau, her rival, admitted to receiving a call informing him that he had lost the contest. Tapsell is the sixteenth mayor, having been elected to the council in 2013 at the age of 21.

At the time, she was the youngest councilor ever elected in New Zealand. She was selected as the National Party’s East Coast candidate on June 6, 2020.

She announced her intention to run for mayor of Rotorua on May 10, 2022. Nancy Rotering, the mayor of Highland Park, Illinois, is a lot older than her.

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To learn about her Parents, Husband Kanin Clancy, Siblings, and Family Details, continue reading the article.

Who Are Tania Tapsell Parents?

Tania Tapsell’s parents are Terry Tapsell and Roana Bennett. When Tania won the election, her mother, Roana, asserted that her daughter was extremely loyal and pious.

She also mentioned that her daughter has the wit, vitality, and dedication that the community needs. The father of Tania expressed his joy and happiness for her. She also puts forth a lot of effort, he added.

Her father is the owner and manager of Pro-fit and Weld Ltd., a site-focused engineering company that provides SMP support and services.

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Tania’s parents posted about her achievements on their respective Facebook accounts and emphasized how proud they were of her. Tania’s great-uncle is none other than Peter Tapsell.

He created history by becoming the first speaker to hold office while not being a member of the dominant party, in addition to becoming the first Maori speaker since Bill Barnard in 1943.

He was a surgeon who practiced orthopedics before entering politics. The next mayor of Rotorua was politically inspired by and modeled after her great uncle.

She intends to call each elected councilor who has been successful in order to ascertain their top concerns.

Meet Tania Tapsell Husband Kanin Clancy

Tania Tapsell and Kanin Clancy exchanged vows on December 1st, 2020. They got engaged in May of the same year. A video from their wedding day has been released by Tania on her official Instagram page.

It appears like the pair said their vows on a Queensland mountainside. They were seen riding up in a helicopter to get where they were going. It was also an elopement wedding, Tapsell continued.

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She posted a picture on their wedding day in New Zealand on June 7, 2021, with the caption, “I had fun getting married to my person.

While skulking south and boarding a helicopter to Queenstown’s magnificent mountains, she also disclosed that she had married Kanin six months earlier.

Tania Tapsell Siblings and Family Details

In the caption of her Instagram image, Tania Tapsell referenced her younger sister Kahu Bennett. Actress and model Kahu Tapsell Bennett reside in New Zealand.

She also works toward a Master of Business degree. She is a successful model who takes pride in her career. Gaming is something Kahu enjoys doing.

She currently has 4,121 followers on Instagram, demonstrating her popularity. She was a big assistance to her sister Tania throughout the elections. She sent Tania several images and a long note when her sister was elected mayor of Rotorua.

She had pleaded with people to assist her sister, “It’s possible that some orange poll workers have begun to show up in your mail. This year, my sister, who has worked as a counselor and a great big sister for nine years, is running for mayor. If you choose to vote for Tapsell, in addition to the fact that she is a good candidate, I would become Rotorua’s first sister.”

Net Worth Of Tania Tapsell

Tania Tapsell’s estimated net worth is not yet available. She must, however, be worth at least $100,000, so we may make that assumption. Tapsell has a lengthy record of involvement in politics.

She joined the youth council of Rotorua when she was fourteen years old. She was also chosen by Todd McClay to serve as the Rotorua Electorate’s representative in the 2010 New Zealand Youth Parliament.

She was chosen in 2013 to serve on the Rotorua Lakes District Council. At just twenty-one years old, Tania was selected as the councilor with the shortest tenure.

She was re-elected because she had the strongest polling numbers in 2016 and 2019. The following year, she walked with students as part of the School Strike for Climate.

Farms should be protected from zero carbon standards. She is convinced. For the East Coast electorate, the National Party has nominated Tapsell.

She was unable to keep her National seat in the general election of 2020. She indicated an interest in running for office again, and the media anticipated that she would run in the 2022 Tauranga by-election.

On May 10, 2022, she declared her intention to run for mayor of Rotorua. She claimed that if she and Sandra Kai Fong were elected to the council, she would name Sandra Kai Fong as the deputy mayor.

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