Who Are Roger Maris Parents? Find His Wife. Children And Family Details

Roger Maris was born in 1934, thanks to Rudolph Maras and Ann Corrine Perkovich. Roger is the father of six children.

He played right field and is most known for breaking the record for most home runs in a season with 61 in 1961. Interestingly, the history currently stands as the American League mark went unbroken until 1998.

On April 16, 1957, he made his major league debut at 20, when he was ranked 416th. The same goes for him; he played in his last game in 1968 after exceeding rookie limits the previous year, in 1957.

The passing of Maris was brought to light by the fact that rising athlete Aaron Judge is on pace to break Roger’s record.

Roger Maris
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To learn more about Roger Maris’ parents, wife and children, continue reading the article below.

Who Are Roger Maris’s Parents?

The parents of Roger Maris are Rudolph Maras, usually referred to as Rudy Maras, and Ann Corrine Perkovich, also known as Connie. They exchanged vows on September 7, 1932.

Roger’s mother was born on December 13, 1913, in Hibbing, St. Louis, Minnesota. On September 11, 2014, she unexpectedly passed away at age 100 in Gainesville, Alachua, Florida Territory.

According to his Wikipedia biography, his mother and father were from Minnesota and had Croatian origin. Therefore, it might be argued that he was born on September 10, 1934, to first-generation Croatian Americans in Hibbing, Minnesota.

Furthermore, Steve Maras, Roger’s great-grandfather, emigrated from Croatia to the U.S. in 1910.

After starting his employment with the Great Northern Railroad, Rudy, Maris’ father, relocated the family to North Dakota in 1942. Together with his older brother Rudy Jr., Roger was raised in Dakota.

Both Maris siblings attended Shanley High School in Fargo, North Dakota, were moderately athletic, and were active in sports. Additionally, since they were young, Roger and Rudy have excelled at basketball and football.

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His parents gave him the name Roger Maras, but he changed it to Roger Maris because it was a little hard to pronounce. He also changed his name because, according to Bleacher Report, as he got older, he became sick of being called “Mar-Ass” by snarky kids.

Roger Maris and Patricia A. Maris’ Six Children.

Roger Maris and Patricia A. Maris had six children together.

His children include Richard Maris, Kevin J., Randy, Susan A., and Roger E. Maris Jr. Susan is the oldest of the group, while Roger Jr. is the youngest.

The athletic prowess of their father, a well-known baseball player, has not been matched by any of their offspring.

  1. Roger Maris Jr.

Roger Maris Jr. is the proprietor of 61 Outfitters. The business sells several items of HomeRun Baseball, HomeRun Fishing, and HomeRun Hunting clothing that convey a desire to succeed in baseball, fishing, and hunting.

  1. Kevin Maris

Kevin Maris, 61, played Class A baseball for one season before switching to lower professional circuit golf. He was the baseball coach at Oak Hall, a small private high school.

Roger Maris’ children honored Yankee Stadium by being present in September 2022, when Aaron Judge broke their father’s record.

One of his sons, Kevin, said it’s fortunate that his father is still reasonably well-known because of his baseball successes. Maris’ kid likewise acknowledged his pleasure in his father’s sporting achievements.

Kevin added that he wanted to see his father preserve the record even if he was pleased to hear that a Yankee was attempting to surpass it.

Roger Maris Wife Patricia Maris

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Roger and Patricia Maris were wed for almost 30 years. Roger and Patricia made their initial connection in class ten at a high school basketball game.

Before getting married, they fell in love after meeting in high school.

In October 1956, the couple finally exchanged vows at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Fargo.

Roger Maris was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 1983. Knowing he didn’t have much time left, he established the annual Roger Maris Celebrity Golf Tournament to raise money for cancer research and treatment.

At 51, Maris passed away at Houston, Texas’s M.D. Anderson Hospital on December 14, 1985. His family interred him in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Fargo, North Dakota.

When the sportsman took his last breath and said goodbye to the world, Patricia Ann, his wife, was by his side.

Maris’ partner was complimented for being a strong and bold woman even on International Women’s Day. Pat was a wonderful wife, mother, and grandmother who showed how to be brave and strong in the most trying circumstances. Some people consider her to be the perfect example of a strong woman.

Additional Details About The Roger Maris Family

Roger Maris’ family moved to North Dakota when he was five. After receiving his diploma, he finished his studies at Bishop Shanley High School in Fargo.

Yesterday, Yankees star Aaron Judge hit his 61st home run, tying their father’s record for the most home runs in an American League season, in front of Roger Maris’ children.

Maris made a name for himself in the school’s athletic community by showcasing his extraordinary athleticism when he once returned four kickoffs for scores in one game.

In 1939, his family moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota, then on to Fargo, where he met the future wife of his life. The young Maris dominated baseball, basketball, and football in high school. However, he could keep his love of sports going all the way to the end by making it his job.

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