Who Are Rick Springfield Children? Find His Wife Barbara Porter Details

Joshua and Liam Springthorpe are the sons of Rick Springfield and Barbara Porter.

Springfield is an Australian-born singer and actor who currently resides in the United States and is a citizen of that country. Rick once played in the pop rock group Zoot. He stayed there for three years, from 1969 to 1971.

Rick sought a solo career after disbanding his band. In 1972, he released his debut single, “Speak to the Sky,” which peaked at number 10 on the Australian chart.

In 1981, after making his transfer to America in the late 1970s, his song “Jessie’s Girl” reached the top of the charts in both Australia and the US.

Similar honors have also been given to Australian performers Montaigne, John Farnham, Emma Wiggle, and Tina Arena. In 1977, he made his acting debut in The Six Million Dollar Man.

Rick worked on later films like Hard to Hold, High Tide, and General Hospital after making his acting debut. While collaborating on Jessie’s Girl in California, he met Porter.

Rick Springfield
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To learn about His Children, And Wife, Barbara Porter Details, continue reading the article.

Who Are Rick Springfield Children?

Liam Springfield and Joshua Springthorpe are Rick Springfield’s children. He has two sons with his wife, Barbara Porter. The couple’s family is not known to have any daughters, and neither Liam nor Joshua has any half-siblings.

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Their parents have been wedded since the beginning, and neither of them has ever been previously married or had children. The four-person family occasionally appears together, but they do not upload photos to their social media accounts.

He has uploaded a lot of pictures to his Instagram account with his friends but not with his family. Despite being well-known kids, Liam and Joshua don’t frequently share the spotlight with their father, and little information about their personal life has been revealed.

Meet Rick Springfield Wife Barbara Porter

Rick Springfield and Barbara Porter have been married for 37 years. The couple got married in front of friends and family in Rick’s family’s church in Australia in October 1984.

They just so happened to run into each other when Rick traveled to Sound City Studios in California, USA, to record his number-one single Jessie’s Girl. Barbara worked at the studio’s front desk.

At the time, the couple did not get along, but they subsequently met again and started dating. They have maintained the appeal of their marriage despite being together for close to 40 years.

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In addition to discussing their lockdown technique, Rick also revealed how he discovered they still want to hang out and share similar interests.

He also stressed the value of regular couples counseling sessions and communication in preserving romance and bolstering partnerships. When Rick first met Barbara, she had just turned 15 years old.

She was a beautiful young woman that people often referred to as “little Brigitte Bardot.” Rick started dating Barbara after the couple split up, even though the singer was seeing someone else at the time.

Meet Liam Springthorpe

Rick Springfield’s younger brother is Liam Springthorpe. Liam Springthorpe, who is now 37 years old, was born to Rick and Barbara Springthorpe in 1985.

However, Liam’s exact birthdate hasn’t been made public yet. Neither his parents nor his younger brother is seen sharing birthday wishes for him on social media.

Rick’s eldest child has continued his heritage. Liam, an American actor, also has a home base there. In the 2008 short film The Pearl Necklace, Liam makes his acting debut.

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He portrayed Frank Hurst in the movie. Since his debut, Liam has had seven acting credits listed on his IMDb page. Among his notable pieces is Bill Shakespeare in Hollywood, The Desert’s Love for Anna, and many others.

There is currently no information available about Liam’s wife or marriage. He could be single and searching for his true love, or he could be happily dating his girlfriend in secret.

Liam’s verified social media accounts on Instagram and elsewhere are also absent. He might be quietly using social networking sites.

Meet Joshua Springthorpe

Josh is Rick Springthorpe’s youngest son. He is 33 years old and was born in 1989. Joshua hasn’t yet made his precise birthdate publicly available online. Although Joshua has kept his work history a secret, it appears that he also works in the entertainment sector.

He is listed as a director on his IMDb page rather than an actor. He served as the first assistant director on Lacrimosa. The short movie Gym Buddies was another one of his works.

The few credits listed on Joshua’s IMDb profile indicate that he does not work in the entertainment industry on a full-time basis. On May 9, 2014, in Hollywood, California, Joshua was seen traveling with his parents, Rick and Barbara, to a ceremony honoring Rick Springfield on The Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Like his brother, Joshua has kept his love life a secret. He can be blissfully dating his girlfriend, or he might be married and living the good life with his wife and family. The social media usage of Joshua is not observed in public.

Public knowledge of his financial situation and personal information is limited. Joshua and his older brother Liam have avoided social media and the media despite being well-known children. The spotlight does not show their father standing next to them.

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