Who Are Paramore’s Singer Hailey Williams’s Parents?

  • October 19, 2022
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The parents of Hailey Williams, the lead singer for Paramore, are Joey and Cristi Williams, a divorcing American couple. Hailey Nichole Williams was born in Meridian, Mississippi, on

The parents of Hailey Williams, the lead singer for Paramore, are Joey and Cristi Williams, a divorcing American couple.

Hailey Nichole Williams was born in Meridian, Mississippi, on December 27, 1988. She is an American citizen. She works as a businesswoman, songwriter, and vocalist. Williams is most recognized for his work with the rock band Paramore as their lead singer, principal composer, and keyboardist.

The singer has two younger half-sisters and was born to Joey and Cristi Williams. She was founded by the managers Dave Steunebrink and Richard Williams in 2003. She was given a two-year production contract upon signing.

Later, Atlantic Records was introduced to her. She then co-founded Paramore with Josh, Zac, and Jeremy Farro. The mother of one of their early bass players’ maiden name is whence the band’s moniker “Paramore” originated.

All we know is Falling was the band’s first album title. Hailey was just sixteen years old when it was published in 2005. Taylor York joined the group as an official member in June 2009. Outside of the United States, Paramore performed on tour in 2006. The United Kingdom was the tour’s featured headlining act.

Williams describes herself as a Christian and firmly committed to her faith. She frequently discusses her spirituality in connection with her music. She has spoken strongly for causes like mental health. Like Rina Sawayama, she is raised by a single mother.

Who Are Paramore's Singer Hailey Williams's Parents?
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Hailey Williams Nationality Details

Hailey Williams is an American. The performer, however, has never made her ethnic origins or background public. American parents Cristi and Joey Williams gave birth to Hailey in Mississippi. The singer talked about her childhood memories of her parent’s union. The majority of her memories are unpleasant.

In one of her interviews, the singer discussed how her parent’s disagreement led to their divorce. However, she added that they were still relatively young at the time. Before they got divorced, her parents had already started living apart.

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She has been transparent about how growing up in a dysfunctional family affected her. After her parents’ formal divorce in 2002, she and her mother moved to Franklin, Tennessee, and she enrolled in a new school where she was teased because of her unusual accent.

Williams kept contact with her father even though she lived with her mother. It turned out that Joey was crucial to Paramore’s early success. After 23 years since their previous encounter, her mother, Cristi, decided to get back in touch with Scott Gilbert. Gilbert got down on one knee and proposed to her at Five Forks Middle School, where they had initially met. Hailey’s mother’s second marriage produced two step-siblings for her.

Real NameHayley Nichole Williams

Hailey Williams Parents Details

Hailey Williams, a well-known American singer and composer is the child of Cristi and Joey Williams. After a couple of years of marriage, the couple’s relationship became unsettling. The couple decided to part ways due to their difficult home.

When their daughter Hailey was thirteen years old, Cristi and Joey legally separated almost twenty years ago. Following the divorce, Cristi and her small daughter moved to Franklin, Tennessee.

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In the wake of her breakup with Joey, Cristi wed Scott Gilbert. Her middle school classmate Gilbert and she got back together to spend the rest of their lives together. However, they both experienced unhappy marriages. Scott’s first marriage produced two kids.

Scott and Cristi were dating when she was a student. However, she stepped aside after realizing that someone else had a crush on him after around two weeks. After that, the two lost communication and hardly ever saw one another.

ParentsJoey and Cristi Williams

Hailey Williams Earnings And Net Worth Details

Celebritynetworth estimates Hailey Williams’s net worth at $10 million. She has accumulated wealth from her work as the main singer of Paramore and a songwriter. She not only excels in the band but also in her endeavors.

The artist also makes money by endorsing other brands. She started her business ventures at the same time. For a brand-new makeup line, she has partnered with MAC cosmetics. A vibrant orange lipstick, a sparkly coal eyeshadow, and a cosmetic powder were all part of the collection.

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She also worked with Tea Huntress to create two blends for charitable purposes. Williams owns a business that goes by the name of Good Dye Young. The company makes cruelty-free and vegan colors. Among the colors are orange, pink, blue, yellow, red, and teal.

Similarly, Good Color Young introduced Poser paste, a temporary hair dye brand, in 2017. Poser paste vanishes after one wash. In addition, the business introduced Lighter Daze, a semi-permanent pastel color, in May 2020.

Net worth$10 million

Some FAQs Related To Hailey Williams

What is Hailey Williams’ full name?

The full name of Hailey Williams is Hailey Nichole Williams.

What is the age of Hailey Williams?

Hailey Williams was born in 1988 and is 33 years old as of 2022.

Who are the parents of Hailey Williams?

Hailey Williams was born to Joey and Cristi Williams’s parents in Meridian, Mississippi.

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