The parents of Henry Chubb and Nick Chubb Lavelle are from Georgia. 

Nick surpassed 100 rushing yards in less attempts, becoming the fourth player in NFL history to do so. In 2020, he received another Pro Bowl nomination.

On their selection of the NFL’s top 100 players for 2022, Chubb’s teammates ranked him at number 33. He won over the Carolina Panthers to start the 2022 season off in grand style.

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Who Are Nick Chubb Parents?

Henry and Lavelle Chubb are the parents of Nick Chubb. Georgia served as the home of Henry and Chubb’s three children.

On December 27, 1995, in Cedartown, Georgia, he was born. Henry, his father, was a football player for Valdosta State University.

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Lavelle, Nick’s mother, has always backed and inspired him in all of his endeavors. Zach Chubb and Henry Chubb II are his two brothers, while Neidra Chubb is his sister.

He has a close relationship with all three of his siblings. When Nick was four years old, his parents got divorced, but he continued to live with his mother.

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Meet Nick Chubb Father Henry Chubb

Football player Henry Chubb studied at Valdosta State University. Darlington High School in Rome is where he obtained his graduation.

As a senior in 1979, he was selected for Honorable Mention All-State. While a student at Marion Military Institute in Alabama, he participated in football.

Henry’s coach was Jim Goodman, and Henry later went to Georgia with him to play football for Valdosta State.

With 1,143 yards on 221 carries, he was Valdosta State’s top rusher in each of the first two Blazer football seasons.

Cleveland claimed that Henry and his family had left a lasting impact in Chubbtown, Georgia. The Chubb Chapel United Methodist Church’s founding trustees speak for his family’s business.

Meet Nick Chubb Mother Lavelle Chubb

Lavelle Chubb, Nick Chubb’s mother, has encouraged her son throughout his football career. She posts information on her son’s victory on her social media platforms.

On her Instagram account, she posted a little clip of Nick’s match from her Instagram story. On October 4, 2022, Lavelle went to Nick’s game. She also likes traveling and spending time with her kids.

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On June 30, 2022, she spent a beautiful day at the beach with her sons Nick and Zach. Lavelle is transparent about her life and promotes her everyday activities on his social media platforms.

Lavelle Chubb’s Instagram username is @lavelle_chubb. She has 12 posts and 912 Instagram followers as of this writing. Additionally, Lavella is active on Facebook, where she goes by the handle @LaVelle LaLa Chubb.

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Family Life Of Nick Chubb

Nick Chubb was reared in Georgia by the Chubb family. He and his brothers both played football, following in the footsteps of their father.

Zach played football for the Air Force Academy, while Henry, Chubb’s older brother, was a cornerback at Troy University.

Meet Henry Chubb II

The cornerback position was held by Chubb II for Troy University. Nick’s father had a child from his first marriage, Henry, who is Nick’s older sibling.

He took part in 10 games in 2005 as a backup defensive back and on special teams. Throughout the season, Henry made ten tackles, five of which were solo stops versus Missouri.

He received one pass breakup credit for South Carolina. He was honored by the Atlanta Journal-All-State Constitution and selected to play in the Georgia North-South All-Star Game.

Meet Zach Chubb

Nick’s older brother Zach, a football player, served in the Air Force as a defensive back. In 2011, he rushed for more than 2,850 yards and 34 touchdowns.

He amassed 1,542 yards and 15 touchdowns during his senior year, garnering 7-AAA All-Region recognition. After graduating from high school in 2012, he entered the Air Force Academy with various injury-related restrictions.

Right now, Zach is having fun with his family. He keeps in close contact with his daughter, his only kid. On April 9, 2022, they went to the STK steakhouse.

On his Instagram account, he shared a photo of himself and his daughter along with the message “Whatever you want.” @zach.chubb is his username on Instagram. On her Instagram, he has four posts and 4881 followers.

Neidra Chubb

Nick Chubb’s younger sister is Neidra. She has uploaded numerous training videos and images to her Instagram account, showcasing her love for staying in shape.

Chubb’s baby died of SIDS on November 2, 2018. She established Mommy Strong as a result, and she started hosting a SIDS awareness event every November.

Her organization was started to support the surviving families of children who had died. In 2020, Niedra gave birth to her second child.

Her Instagram feed is filled with images of her child. On November 24, 2022, she had Thanksgiving with her husband and kid.

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