Jill and Michael Durack, Lucy’s parents, were born and raised in Perth. Michael Durack has experience working as a FIFO oil industry worker.

In a short time, the Australian actress has become one of Australia’s leading women on both stage and film, with a lengthy list of pivotal roles (including a stint as a judge on Australia’s Got Talent).

Lucy has worked as a voice-over artist on several audiobooks, such as the children’s book Lucy The Good and Dame Mary Durack’s Kings in Grass Castles.

During its five summer seasons, Lucy’s radio show My Soundtrack was the most downloaded on ABC’s radio network.

Her first film, Lift, in which she also stars, made its world premiere on Network Ten and was later awarded the Best Screen Play Asia Web Award.

Lucy sang the British and Australian national anthems for the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Australia. She sang the national anthem at the State of Origin, AFL Grand Final, and Melbourne Cup.

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Who Are Lucy Durack’s Parents?

Parents of Lucy Durack Together, Jill and Michael Durack have been married for over 40 years. Michael Durack and Jill have three kids together.

Lucy Durack’s Father Michael Durack

Michael sported a Tom Selleck-style ‘tache in the ’80s. Working as a FIFO in the oil industry meant dad was rarely home when Lucy was growing up.

Lucy claims he is still a great dad and an avid motorcyclist who wears a leather jacket. Michael’s middle name is Patrick. However, he decided to go by Michael instead of Patrick because his sister is also named Pat.

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Lucy mentioned that whenever her father was at home, he brought her and her sister on walks on the beach, as she explained in an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald.

Her father was a towering figure, well over 6 feet tall, so she and her sister always felt safe in his shadow. The actress has shared several photos of her relationship with Michael on Instagram.

She wished her father a happy birthday in August with a throwback snapshot of him cuddling her and her younger sister when they were tiny.

Lucy Durack’s Mother Jill Durack

Throughout Lucy’s life, her mother has encouraged her to follow her dreams of being an actor. She expresses gratitude daily by posting heartfelt Instagram messages to Jill.

Lucy shared an Instagram photo of her mom with the comment, “Happy Birthday, Mom!” “Wishing the lovely, considerate, strong, intelligent, generous, wise, and strong @jilldurack a pleased birthday! So much adoration for you, Mom!”

Lucy Has A Beautiful Family With Two Kids

Lucy and her husband, Chris Horsey, have two kids together. The 40-year-old woman married her 24-year-old high school sweetheart.

They first met in a Melbourne parking lot, and she still remembers thinking that if she ran into him again, she should make an effort with her hair.

They didn’t meet each other until two years later, and they didn’t tie the knot until 2014. Lucy claims that her marriage to Tom is successful because they provide and receive unconditional love and support.

During their early years together, Sarah played Glinda in a Melbourne production of Wicked while Chris was in Sydney for 15 months of long-distance courtship.

She was on the Gold Coast when the epidemic hit, and he was in Sydney for work. Being there for one another is the most important thing.

Lucy’s kids had requested a visit to Christmas Wonderland the year before. Durack posted a picture of the event to Instagram.

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