Who Are Linus Sebastian Siblings?

Linus’s siblings are Isabelle Sebastian, Emily Sebastian, Asher Sebastian, and George Sebastian. Regarding siblings, Linus Sebastian has four total siblings: two sisters and two brothers.

Since 2011, he’s been happily married to Yvonne Ho. He is a social media guru with years of expertise and a large subscriber base born in British Columbia, Canada.

He is highly regarded for his expertise in technological matters, and his advice and demonstrations of relevant talents are frequently sought.

He has always had an affinity for cutting-edge technology, and his career path has led him to the position of chief executive officer.

He attended the University of British Columbia after finishing high school in 2005, but he left after only a few semesters.

He taught pupils how to swim and paint for over two years before transitioning to the business and technology sectors.

Within the previous decade, Linus has amassed millions of subscribers and dozens of successful YouTube tech channels. The IT industry and other YouTubers have allowed him to cooperate on his channel.

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Siblings Of Linus Sebastian

They reared Linus Sebastian and his brothers on the family farm. One of Linus’s sisters gave him a victory tag for his birthday in 2015, as seen in an Instagram photo he had created.

His YouTube videos frequently feature his sisters. In one video, he and his younger sister Isabelle put together a computer from the ground up.

While he has manufactured computers for his whole family, including his brother, the NBA star, he has never produced one for his beloved little sister Isabelle.

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The video also mentions his other sister, Emily, and his parents. In the video, Linus and his sister Isabelle discussed their upbringing and their parents.

Bella is what he calls her, and she told him about her brother’s bad conduct when they were kids. She said both of their parents were very loving and encouraging.

Linus was quite the rascal when he was little, as she revealed. Linus often asked his mother to hide his gaming equipment, despite his repeated requests that she does not do so. It was said that Linus’s family was always there for him through his ups and downs as a video maker.

Know More About Linus Sebastian

Founder and CEO of Linus Media Group, a Canadian YouTube channel dedicated to technology, Linus Gabriel Sebastian has amassed a large fan base.

His career has flourished thanks to his ability to share useful information about technology while simultaneously successfully operating his own technology business.

Linus changed his career from an art instructor and swim coach to a retail sales representative at NCIX.com to continue his education. After six months on the job, he was promoted to Product Manager.

The business had him demonstrate items and offer advice on technological matters. Category Manager and Social Media Project Coordinator summarise Linus’s roles at NICX.

After waiting for some time, Linus launched Tech Tips. In 2008, he launched the channel after being tasked with doing so by NCIX to showcase various items. Sabastian initially had access to a small team of helpers and a little budget.

Despite quitting NCIX because of a disagreement with management, he maintained his YouTube channel. He now has 15 million members of Linus Tech Tips and makes over $4 million a year from them.

Under that umbrella, he operates seven more YouTube channels covering topics including technology and podcasts. Among the most popular YouTube TV channels in 2021 was Linus Tech Tips.

He launched his own business from a garage, Linus Media Group, in 2013. He started the business and now runs it, leading a staff of around eighty.

The business provides services and has extensive technological experience. Linus originally planned to retire in 2020 but changed his mind.

Forbes has recognized Linus Sebastian and has a long record of accomplishments to his name. A video of him crafting an 18-karat gold Xbox Series and Controller was posted to his channel last year.

Several of his tech-related films have been published on popular tech blogs. Aside from that, he has served as an unpaid brand ambassador for several technology firms.

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