Kieran Trippier, a professional football player for England, is the son of Eleanor Lomax and Chris Trippier. 

Kieran and his ancestors were born in Bury. All four Trippier brothers, Kieran, Chris, Curtis, and Kevin, were born and reared in the Greater Manchester neighborhood of Ramsbottom in Summerseat.

His father, Chris was a bricklayer, while his mother, Eleanor had previously worked as a cashier. From 1998 until 2002, Kieran attended Holcombe Brook Primary School.

After playing football there and winning the Bury Cup twice and the Greater Manchester Trophy once, he later graduated from high school in 2007.

The Trippier family is a devoted Manchester United fan. But because he was well-known there, he decided to enroll in Manchester City’s academy at the age of nine.

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Who Are Kieran Trippier Parents?

The player for England’s national team was owned by Eleanor Lomax and Chris Trippier on November 11, 1990, in Bury, Greater Manchester. His father, Chris, used to work many jobs to support his family of five.

He managed a farm and worked as a bricklayer. Eleanor Lomax, Trippier’s mother, was a cashier at the Costcutter on the estate. She is a dedicated mother who frequently shows up to watch her son play sports.

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Kieran’s parents never faltered in their dedication to providing their children with a good upbringing and providing supportive care as parents, despite the difficulties of having four children.

The couple was there for their boys always, attending to all of their needs. They still help their boys occasionally with home money even though they are now grownups and young men.

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Exploring Some Facts On Keiran Trippier Family

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  1. Kieran Trippier’s older brother, Kelvin Lomax, only ever uses that last name. He is widely renowned and plays defense in English football.
  2. Kieran has many passionate football supporters in his family. Every member of his family has supported Manchester United, with the exception of Kieran.
  3. The youngest member of the family is Tripper. Chris, Curtis, and Kelvin are his older brothers.
  4. His older brother, Kelvin, supported him in his choice to participate in football. When Keiran was younger, his older brother was someone he looked up to.
  5. Because his parents were so proud of him, their father, Chris, traveled to Russia to watch his son compete against Croatia in the quarterfinal.
  6. England’s 2018 World Cup semifinal appearance was penalized by the killjoy council leader because Chris Trippier had a huge England flag flying on his property. In the end, Kieran Trippier was responsible for the fine.

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