Who Are Jordan Poyer Parents? Insights On His Family Life

When he was young, Jordan Poyer and his family settled in Astoria, Oregon. Currently, Poyer may be found in Buffalo, New York.

Their names are Louis Dunbar and Julie Poyer, and they are the parents of Jordan Poyer. A former volleyball player at Chemeketa Community College, Julie has played the sport for several years.

Jordan plays strong safety for the NFL’s Buffalo Bills. He was selected during the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft by the Philadelphia Eagles after spending time with the Cleveland Browns.

As a freshman in 2009, he saw action in 13 games for the Oregon State Beavers football team, making 11 tackles. He was voted into the all-conference first team and received unanimous All-American honours.

When the Philadelphia Eagles kicked off their season against the Washington Redskins, Jordan made his professional debut for the team. As a free agent in 2017, he signed with the Buffalo Bills.

As a starter for the Buffalo Bills, he had three tackles, two pass deflections, a sack, and an interception in the season opener against the New York Jets. After the 2022 victory over the Baltimore Ravens, Poyer was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week.

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Jordan Poyer’s Parents

Before Jordan Poyer was born, his parents, Julie Poyer and Louis Dunbar got a divorce. Julie and Jordan’s stepfather, Fa’alaeo Poyer, played essential roles in Jordan’s upbringing.

Since Louis and Julie separated before Jordan was born, Poyer has never met his biological father. Since he was a kid, his dad had been serving time for murder.

In 2013, Louis was incarcerated in Minnesota for serving a term. According to Oregonlive, Dunbar kept in touch with Jordan even while incarcerated.

Before each season, Dunbar would send Jordan a letter expressing his pride in him. Jordan has said that Fa’alaeo is his father and that he plays his best for Fa’alaeo, his mother, and his brother.

A remarkable kinship unites him and his brother, Jeramy Poyer. His mother played volleyball at Chemeketa Community College for two years before going to Eastern New Mexico University.

When Julie needed a babysitter, her coach suggested Fa’alaeo Poyer. Fa’alaeo Poyer helped Julie raise her kid on her own.

Julie and Fa’alaeo met in the gym. As soon as Jordan laid eyes on Fa’alaeo, he made his way over to introduce himself.

Jordan’s Mother, Julie Poyer

Julie attended Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Oregon, where she played volleyball for two years. After graduating from Western New Mexico University, she moved on to Eastern New Mexico University.

She has been his greatest cheerleader and source of professional inspiration. Julie immediately pegged Jordan as a sports fan after he used the word “ball” in a sentence.

She goes to the Jordan game to show her support. She enjoys both home-based activities and travels with her loved ones.

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Julie, Jordan’s mom, had just ended her marriage to Fa’alaeo and saw another man, Haven Cooper. She has shared many photos of herself and Haven on social media.

As of 2013, Julie and Haven have been dating for four years. Her Instagram handle is @juliepoyer, and you can find her on Facebook as @Julie Poyer.

Jordan Poyer’s Stepfather, Fa’alaeo Poyer

Jordan’s stepfather, Fa’alaeo Poyer, helped him become a formidable player. Fa’alaei has always backed him up and cheered him on in his endeavours.

Their parents would have Jordan and his brother Jeramy wait until one of them apologized for starting the fights.

During his time under Fa’alaeo’s tutelage, Jordan developed into a talented athlete in several disciplines. He excelled at football and baseball but settled on making it big in the NFL.

Jordan reflected on how his father constantly pushed him to put in the effort necessary to pursue his goal of playing collegiate football.

The time and work his father put into his training have paid off well for him. Fa’alaeo maintains an Instagram presence under the handle @fpoyer7.

Jordan Poyer’s Wife And Daughter

Jordan Poyer is the father of three children of his own. Together with his wife, Rachel Bush, Jordan welcomed their daughter Aliyah Anne Poyer on February 17, 2018.

Eight years have passed since Jordan and Rachel first started dating in 2015. Together they welcomed their daughter in 2016; they also got engaged that same year.

He likes to take trips to Brazil and the Bahamas with his family. Jordan, his wife, and their kid vacationed at the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica in Peninsula Papagayo on March 24, 2022.

He uses Instagram to show off his family to the world. Rachel, his wife, is an internet celebrity and business owner.

She established LeaLa Natural Skincare. While he is in university, she is equally active in sports. Rachel is a Newcomb Central High School alumna and a Florida Atlantic University grad.

Rachel Bush’s Instagram account, which she uses as @rachelbush, is official. Aliyah Anne Poyer was born to Jordan and Rachel on December 30, 2016. Aliyah was born in this world seven years ago.

Jordan often spends his time off with his daughter. In 2021, he took his daughter to Reptile Florida to spend time with her dad.

His daughter is a big fan of his and often comes to see him play. In 2020, Aliyah was having fun with her parents in the snow. Rachel’s Instagram feed is filled with adorable photos of her kid.

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