Who Are Jonah Larson Parents? Find His Career Journey

Jennifer and Christopher Larson adopted Jonah Larson. Jonah is well-known as an author and textile artist.

Jonah was adopted from an Ethiopian hamlet and is now using his online merchandising success to give back to his birth community.

When he was 11 years old, he penned the book Hello, Crochet Friends! To give back to the crochet community, he wrote “Giving Back Crochet,” which was released in 2020. One of his earliest charitable contributions went to the Jonah’s Hands Library in Ethiopia.

He has accomplished so much for his age, and his story has been covered by major media outlets, including the New York Times, The Times of London, Forbes, O, The Oprah Magazine, People, and USA Today.

He has also made guest appearances on popular shows like The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Today Show, and Little Big Shots with Melissa McCarthy.

Everyone looks up to him, and he has been honored with hundreds of awards for his crochet works and designs.

Image Source: La Crosse Tribune

Jonah Larson’s Parents And Siblings

Jonah Larson’s parents, Jennifer and Christopher, adopted him when he was just a baby. He grew up with his sisters, Mercy and Leif.

His parents, Jennifer and Christopher, raised him in La Crosse, Wisconsin, a state in the midwestern United States.

By Father’s Day in 2020, Jonah had finally met his biological father, and the two posed for a photo together.

He added a thoughtful message and said that his father is bright and hilarious and always drives him to the yarn store when he asks. The mother is his biggest fan and helps him run the firm.

His parents said Today that they were warned that Jonah could have a developmental delay when they adopted him. It’s also remarkable that he could grasp crochet and other complicated skills at such a young age.

Jonah has two siblings: Leif, his older brother, and Mercy, his younger sister. His sibling enrolled at Carthage College not too long ago.

Image Source: The Times

His adoptive Ethiopian sibling is his sister Mercy. He also discussed his parents’ challenges due to taking care of him. And then he did it again to get his sister to read his blog.

His mother works as a manager, and his father models hats and takes him to the yarn store. Thus, the whole family is involved in the company. Leif assists him in capturing media for his online profiles.

Furthermore, his sister Mercy is a yarn winder. His sibling was thrilled to get the handmade Caron cotton Angel Cake pattern short he had laboriously sewn for her. His sister frequently appears in Instagram posts advertising his wares.

Jonah Larson’s Career

Once upon a time, when Jonah Larson was just five years old, his aunt taught him how to crochet. His aunt gave him yarn, crochet hooks, and other crafting materials.

He crocheted his first dishcloth in less than an hour after his family encouraged him to watch crochet instructions online (UN).

His mother always pushes him to expand his horizons and acquire new knowledge and abilities. Starting his own business, “Jonah’s Hands,” proved difficult initially, but he eventually mastered the skill.

He also discussed how, after he was comfortable with the technique, he fell in love with crocheting and how claiming can produce a lovely object.

He instructs others in the art on his website, which he also uses to post crochet-related films on YouTube. He can collect money for charitable contributions by making and selling products like dishtowels, blankets, booties, scarves, and caps.

Jonah was picked up in an Ethiopian hamlet and given a new life. His parents instilled in him and his sister an attitude of gratitude for the privileges that eluded their ancestors in Ethiopia.

He decided then that he wanted to do something positive for his community, so his parents directed him to groups like Roots Ethiopia.

After understanding that individuals in rural regions of Ethiopia do not have access to literature, he founded a library at a young age.

In the town where he was raised, he opened the first library, which he called “Jonah Library.” His library has 3,000 volumes, and its librarian provides instruction to 2,000 students.

In his hometown of Durame, where he was born, he set up the first research laboratory. He endowed the Teza Gerba School with a science lab, microscopes, safety goggles, and other necessities.

In addition to managing GoFundMe, with the $25,000 he’s earned, he’s built a research library and a scientific lab.

His goal for the fundraising effort is $45,000, and so far, he has raised $44,771; this will be more than enough to purchase the materials needed to build the desk for the kids.

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