Who Are Jinkx Monsoon Brothers? Have A Look At Their Family

Jacob Hoffer, Jinkx Monsoon’s brother, is a salesman, while Jeremy Wikander is a DJ. Both Jacob and Jeremy are professionals in their chosen industries.

At the age of 15, Jinkx debuted as a drag performer. Their family encouraged them as they began their careers as performers at the adult-only Escape Nightclub.

Some of the drag queen’s followers have recognized the closeness and affection shared between the drag queen and their brothers, even though the drag queen rarely discusses their family. They regularly post heartwarming messages to each other about how much they adore their siblings.

This has led some followers to speculate about the whereabouts of their younger brothers, Jacob and Jeremy. Although they lack Jinkx’s fame, they have found success in their own right.

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Jinkx Monsoon Siblings: What Do They Do?

Brothers Jeremy Wikander (a DJ) and Jacob Hoffer (Sales) Monsoon help support Jinkx’s musical endeavours. The two siblings are very close and frequently appear together in public.

Jacob is a Cleveland High School alum. In the present tense, he holds the positions of Sales Specialist at Victoria’s Secret PINK and Sales Associate at Tilly’s. He disclosed his 2019 relationship status on Facebook.

He challenged his followers and friends to spread hate if they had an issue with him dating a male and proclaimed his love for his partner in the post. Nevertheless, many individuals commented to offer their support and affection.

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According to Jinkx’s Twitter update, the family’s youngest member has a March 17 birthdate. Now 24, he has reached a significant milestone in his life.

Jeremy is the executive chef and resident DJ of LeBeau’s. If you believe his Instagram bio, he also helped start the eatery. Lebeau’s first opened its doors in 2020, making it two years in business.

Together with his girlfriend, they welcomed a daughter called Chloe into the world in 2013. On Twitter, the drag queen shared the happy news that she was a new aunt.

Family Of Jinkx Monsoon

In an old interview with Another mag, Jinkx talked about their pressures to live up to their family’s expectations.

They said their mother chose Jerick Roman Lamar Hoffer for them because she thought it would be a great choice for an American football player.

They have no idea if their mother ever had aspirations for them to be athletes, but that hope was dashed when they developed a penchant for drag.

They also mentioned that their father might have hoped they would follow in his footsteps and become mechanics.

The father of these children is rarely mentioned, but their mother, Deanne, is a regular fixture on various social media platforms.

The drag queen also married an Englishman called Michael Abbott and created a family of their own. In 2021, they had a small, virtual wedding with just immediate family members present.

They had met each other in an English nightclub. They had never met before, although Abbott worked as a bartender there.

After only one encounter, they knew they belonged together and continued in touch despite their geographical separation.

They met, began dating, and finally tied the knot. However, writer DNB Stories notes that they still need to expand their family with a kid.

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