Shaniah Mauldin and Jalyn Dupri are Jermaine Dupri’s kids. Jermaine’s children, Pam Sweat, Shaniah, and Jalyn Jones, are both beautiful.

On September 23, 1972, the world was introduced to the American rapper, DJ, composer, record producer, record executive, and DJ.

His parents, Michael Mauldin (a Columbia Records executive) and Tina Mauldin (a model) reared him. In 1993, Jermaine launched his record label, So So Def, and began his career as a music producer.

The R&B group Xscape was founded by the record producer and signed to the title. He oversaw the making of their platinum-selling debut album, Hummin’ Comin’ at ‘Cha.

In 1995, he worked with Mariah Carey on the year’s most successful single, “Always Be My Baby.” We Belong Together, which he originally produced and co-wrote with Mariah Carey, earned him a Grammy later.

He has collaborated with Mariah Carey and Jay-Z, Lil Bow-wow, Usher, Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, Boys II Men, and many more.

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How Many Daughter Does Jermaine Dupri Have?

Jermaine Dupri’s daughters are singer Shaniah Mauldin and actress Jalyn Dupri. Jermaine is a parent who stayed in the Atlanta area to raise his two kids.

He has not recently entered a committed relationship and is now available. The rapper has had four publicly-known romances.

Pam Sweat, a famous singer, had a love relationship with Jermaine. From 1997 until 1998, the pair was an item.

Although they were only together for a few weeks, their love resulted in the birth of a baby girl, Shaniah. Sometime afterward, he also began dating ex-exotic dancer Sarai Jones.

The time she spent dating Jermaine was the shortest of anyone. As of the year 2010, she was a new mother.

The rapper had his doubts at first, but after seeing the youngster for himself, he was finally overjoyed to have a child of his own.


He was in a long-term romance with the singer Janet Jackson. They had been an item since 2001 but kept their relationship low-key. The pair split up after seven years together, yet they remain friendly.

The rapper dated Xscape member Kandi Burruss. The pair only dated for a short period, but it was enjoyable while it lasted.

There was a break in the Xscape because of the strain on the relationship. However, the pair denies the connection was the cause.

Sometime in the last several years, the original lineup reformed, and they’ve been going on tours sometimes since then.

All About Jermaine Dupri’s Daughters

Jermaine Mauldin, then 25, fathered Shaniah Mauldin with his then-girlfriend Pam Sweat. Shaniah was born on May 15, 1998, making her 24 years old.

She has several roles, including TV host, speaker, and influencer. Alongside she is also a model and has a flair for clothing design. Educated as she is, Shaniah has a degree to her name.

Attended the University of Miami and earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and molecular biology while also dabbling in chemistry and psychology.

As a passionate person, she owns and is the CEO of her fashion brand, the Shaniah Mone Collection. She has also been in Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta and The Rap Game in guest roles.

Shaniah is entirely behind her dad’s new business venture. A picture of her and her dad with the fresh vegan ice cream was uploaded on Instagram.

Jermaine Dupri’s youngest kid is 12-year-old Jalyn. The Joneses, Jermaine, and Sarai welcomed a daughter into the world with their union.

Although he and Sarai have a rocky marriage, the rapper highly values his time with his daughter. Through Instagram, he revealed the birth of his second daughter to his followers.

The father is very devoted to his daughter Jalynn. He hosted a party in honor of his 12-year-old daughter’s birthday in early September. The MC documented the event on Instagram.

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