Alice Adair, a mother of Eden Brolin, was married to Josh Brolin for six years (1988–1994). Alice’s ex-partner is the father of her two children.

Among her acting credits, Charlie Singer in “Beyond” and Mia in “Yellowstone” are Eden’s most well-known.

Her breakout part came in “I Dream Too Much,” an independent film produced by Richard Linklater. From the moment of her birth, she has been connected to the Hollywood industry in many ways.

Her parents, Alice Adair and actor Josh Brolin have helped her rise to prominence. Her grandfather, James Brolin, is also an actor and winner of both a Golden Globe and an Emmy.

The fact that Eden has Hollywood connections has always been an asset in her eyes. Eden had a privileged upbringing, and she became an actress largely because of her family’s ties to the film industry.

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Eden Brolin’s Mother Alice Adair Is An Actress

Alice Adair, the mother of Eden Brolin, is a famous actress who rose to fame because of her role on the hit TV show Quantum Leap. Alice was a trailblazer at an early age for women in Hollywood.

Eden Brolin, age 28, was born in Los Angeles to parents Alice and Josh Brolin. Her ancestry as a performer runs in her veins.

Colorado Springs native Alice has appeared in 18 films as an actress, some of which are “Desperado,” “Avalanche at Devil’s Ridge,” “Private Eye,” and “The Young Riders.” The music video for Toto’s “Holyanna” also included her.

Her last significant acting role was in 1992; after then, she has largely avoided the spotlight. In the 1992 film Szuler, Alice made her final cinematic appearance.

The short film “Rideshare,” released in 2015, included Alice’s subsequent appearance. Alice has settled into a normal life away from the spotlight.

Alice’s current place of employment is at Beverly Hills End of Life Doula Service (BHELD), which offers to counsel to those nearing the end of their lives.

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Since Alice wanted to make a career in acting, she naturally gravitated toward other actors while looking for a life mate. In her twenties, she met and wed actor Josh Brolin.

Trevor Brolin was born in the same year they tied the knot. Towards the end of 1994, they welcomed their daughter, Eden. Their blissful family life didn’t last for very long.

Their marriage didn’t last long, and soon after the birth of their second child, they filed for divorce. Alice stayed with Josh on the ranch after they broke up, reasoning that it was in the kids’ best interests.

Her son and daughter follow in her footsteps in today’s entertainment industry. Eden is a singer and actress, while Trevor is a director and actor in the indie pop band Atta Boy.

Eden Brolin’s Father John

John, Eden’s father, has wed three women: Alice Adair, Diane Lane, and Kathryn Boyd Brolin. While Eden’s mother was going through her divorce from Josh, he was marrying Diane Lane.

Both of them had a high profile as Hollywood’s first stars. When both young actors started, they occasionally ran into each other.

The two old friends rekindled their romance at the 2002 “A Beautiful Mind” premiere. Even though Brolin later confessed that his need to be the hero and manage everything was why his marriage to Lane didn’t last, the couple stayed together until 2013.

While their marriage did not endure, they still spoke highly of one another and could split amicably. Despite the breakup with his ex-wife, John did not remain a bachelor.

As it turned out, he was able to find love again. Kathryn Boyd Brolin, his current wife, and a professional model, was his assistant.

Kathryn and John started dating in 2013 despite their nearly 20-year age gap. After three years of dating as girlfriend and boyfriend, the couple decided to be married in 2016.

Based on her Instagram, we may assume that Kathryn is now signed with Atlanta Models and Talent. She also founded the clothing label Midheaven Denim, which focuses on “timeless basics for women who fall outside the traditional size range with an emphasis on fit, quality of the fabric, and sustainability.”

John is the proud father of two beautiful little ladies: Westlyn Reign Brolin (born in 2018) and Chapel Grace (due in December 2020).

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