Jack Thomas is the baby nephew of Camille Lamb from Below Deck.

She shocked her audience when she explained that the person they had mistaken for her son was actually her nephew Jack, the son of her older sister, Katie.

She has thought about having children despite not already having any, as shown by the fact that she recently revealed that she was seeing a well-known quarterback. She reluctantly boasted about him to the other crew members while concealing his identity.

She has always been the cast member who is more prominent due to her background as a past American Idol finalist and the current events that have focused more attention on her.

Camille Lamb
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The name Jack Thomas is the newborn nephew of Camille Lamb

Camille Lamb had been the family’s baby until her nephew, Jack Thomas, took over.

The infant’s older sister Katie Lamb Reed and her husband, Anthony Reed, had a baby in March 2021. Despite not being present when her sibling gave birth, Camille was kind enough to share pictures on Instagram.

He does not doubt that his parents adore him to the moon and back and spend their entire days with him. They document everything, down to his first outings and mealtimes, showing how he developed a bit more every day. He enjoys gardening, swimming, and playing the piano.

Image Source: instagram

But even if Camille comes to the rescue occasionally, such dedicated parents deserve a break.

She had become used to her role in barely three months. She held the young Jack on her hip as Jack’s parents took a break during Christmas to rejoice. Because of their closeness, she called him “Jacky Jack” affectionately.

She was first apprehensive about taking on the guardianship at such a young age, but she soon came to appreciate him for his eccentricities and thanked her in-law for putting faith in her with their child.

Emily Lynn, a young woman, was the second member of their family and Jack’s sibling.

Information On Camille Lamb’s family

The Pass Christian, Mississippi home of Camille Lamb’s family. The family includes her mother, Charlotte Jones Lamb, father, Kendall Lamb, and sisters, Cici and Katie.

Image Source: instagram

She referred to her father, a successful businessman who diligently works as Ports America’s director of Business Development, as Rad Dad with affection. Her mother preferred to spend her days in libraries, only emerging to assist her daughter when necessary.

She comes from a family of merchant mariners and is a sixth-generation seafarer with a talent for singing. She received her degree at the University of Southern Mississippi, not Ole Miss, like her sister Cici.

On the other hand, Kaite felt compelled to fight for her country and was identified as an Amry veteran. She ended her military career and is currently a senior logistics analyst at Steelcase.

The Virgin Islands’ youngest Camille, who began working as a snorkel guide there, felt the sea calling her. She didn’t look back as she changed between other boats and found employment as a hostess, which enabled her to visit Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and the Grand Canyon.

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