Who Are Cade Stover Parents?

Trevor and Chelsi Stover run a farm in Lexington and are Cade Stover’s parents. 

Cade is the name of one of the sisters of the Ohio family. For the family of farmers in the Stover clan, sports and competition are huge parts of life.

Despite the fact that many of Cade’s family had previously played sports, he has had the most success. Stover is the Ohio State Buckeyes tight end. In front of almost twenty members of his family, he made his Ohio State linebacker debut in a 2019 game.

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Who Are Cade Stover Parents?

The parents of Cade Stover, Cheli and Trevor Stover, live in Ohio.

The family of the 2018 Ohio Mr. Football gained notoriety after the player’s college debut. Despite not having much success, Cade’s parents had dabbled in sports throughout their undergraduate days.

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The Stovers’ marriage has inspired one of college football’s brightest prospects, as is clear from the fact that he frequently brings it up in press conferences and post-game interviews.

On their official Stover Farms YouTube channel, the family also posts videos about their farm. The gamer uploaded a video of his family’s daily activities on the farm on February 6, 2021.

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Meet Cade Stover Father Trevor Stover

Trevor, a quarterback for Big Walnut High School, competed in 1992 at Ohio Stadium for Bowling Green as a redshirt freshman linebacker. Although the Falcons lost 17-6, they played admirably.

The OSU team was led by current ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit on that specific day. The Buckeyes haven’t played a team from their home state in 58 years.

Even though it was a long time ago, Trevor would later move to tight end and lead BG to All-Mid-American Conference championships, so it was excellent for him.

Meet Cade Stover Mother Chelsi

The mother of Cade, Chelsi, was born and raised in Wood County’s county capital, Bowling Green, Ohio. While at the stadium game between BG and Ohio State, she dated Trevor. She is a mother of three.

She contributed significantly to the player’s development as well. Cade was born in Mansfield, Ohio, and spent the majority of his early years living with his mother while his father worked on a farm.

His mother is on social media a lot. She uses the Twitter account @Chelsi, for example. She also makes use of the @chelsistov Instagram account. Chelsi typically celebrates her birthday on May 17.

Cade never forgets to wish her well on key days. For instance, he thanked the mother for everything she had done for him and wished her a happy birthday in a photo he shared on May 17, 2017.

Details On Cade Stover Sisters

There are two sisters in Cade’s family. Two of his siblings, Tatum and Gabby, live in Lexington. Since Cade went to pursue his football career, the sisters have been Tatum’s family’s only agricultural helpers.

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Gabby has the handle @gabbystov on Instagram, while Tatum goes by @stovertatum. Each of them has more than 4,000 fans.

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Who Is Cade Sister Gabby?

Cade’s sister Gabby participated in NCAA basketball. She graduated from Lexington High School and is currently enrolled in Lourdes University, a private Franciscan university in Sylvania, Ohio.

Gabby is the four-letter nickname for the Minutemen. As a senior, she was selected as the Ohio Cardinal Conference Player of the Year. When she was selected for the Second Team All-OCC, she was a sophomore.

Gabby also won the Honorable Mention All-OCC honor in her debut year. She took part as a member of the All-Newcomer Team for the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference.

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