Who Are Benjamin Stockham’s Parents? Find His Father And Mother Details

Jim Stockham and Juana Stockham welcomed their son Benjamin into the world. In La Mesa, California, Benjamin spent his formative years.

A native of La Mesa, California, this 22-year-old actor made his cinematic debut in Quarantine. His breakthrough came on the FOX comedy series, which he first appeared in after landing the part.

The 2010 episode focused on the lives of the Gunderson boys after their mother’s death and their father’s incarceration. Unfortunately, the show was terminated after only four episodes due to low ratings.

However, Benjamin kept moving forward, appearing in further television guest appearances before landing the lead role of Xander on the NBC family comedy 1600 Penn.

Furthermore, he was included in the comedic About a Boy and appeared in a PSA against bullying. The love and encouragement of his loving parents have been vital to his achievement.

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Benjamin’s Parents, Jim and Juana Stockham

Generous parents of our hero, Benjamin Stockham Both Jim and Juana Stockham uprooted their lives and headed west to be with him in Los Angeles.

Benjamin’s upbringing took place in the La Mesa area of California. On July 8, 2000, with their approval, Benjamin entered the world, carrying their sense of humor and independence with him.

They didn’t discourage him when he told them he wanted to be an actor; instead, they helped him make his first film when he was only eight.

Many doors were opened due to this effort, and Fidelity Investments was able to air a national ad. Not batting an eye, the pair uprooted and headed west to Los Angeles so that he could be closer to the office without letting it interfere with his schoolwork.

The youngest worked on a freelance basis for the first time on an animation project, and he loved it. In the end, his character designs and animations carried the show.

There have been 259 views of the student’s effort on Youtube, so it must have been rather interesting. But he hasn’t given up on his acting dreams; he just uploaded his portfolio for 2022 in the hopes of landing some intriguing roles.

Benjamin’s Father, Jim Stockham

Benjamin Stockham’s dad, Jim Stockham, is a banker. He has strong feelings of patriotism, love for animals, and speed.

Soon after receiving his diploma from Grossmont College in 1988, he began working at Blockbuster, where he gradually rose to become a district supervisor.

As part of his duties, he oversaw the daily operations of all 15 San Diego-area Blockbuster stores. An offer from Bank of America led to his departure from the position in 2006.

In his first position, he was merely a banking center manager, overseeing all aspects of business operations, including sales.

His eleven years of hard work paid off when he was promoted to administrative assistant, where he now assists the Market leaders throughout all of the company’s branches.

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In 2019, after three years as a manager, he was elevated to the position of business support leader, making him the highest-ranking employee in the company.

His work keeps him busy as he processes and analyzes information to produce reports that may be used to inform company leadership.

Despite his hectic schedule, he always manages to wrap his work before the holidays so that he may post gorgeous photos of his darling baby.

The longer they are apart, the more content he seems to be with him. He is not hesitant about encouraging his Facebook friends to watch his son’s actions and promote all of Benjamin’s ventures.

Benjamin’s Mother, Juana Stockham

Juana Stockham, Benjamin’s mother, has made it her life’s mission to assist her son in succeeding.

His mother, who has always wanted to create a narrative that affected people’s emotions, greatly influenced his interest in the performing arts.

She joined the March Screencraft Family competition and made it to the round of eight, which is a significant accomplishment.

His father was a hardworking professional, and his mother often spent the evening accompanying him to the sets.

She was the social meida’s embarrassed protector, snapping photos of the whole thing and even getting a chair named after her.

Now that her 22-year-old is away at university, she has some spare time. We can’t ignore that she’s his number-one cheerleader and the driving force behind all his success.

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