Sandybel Oppenheimer and Carlos Correa Sr. are the parents of Carlos Correa.

Similar to how his career changed dramatically in 2017, he won the American League Player of the Month Award in May after being allowed to play in the World Baseball Classic.

His other accomplishments include receiving a Gold Glove and Platinum Award in 2021.

Carlos Correa
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Carlos Correa Parents: Carlos Sr. and Sandybel Oppenheimer

Carlos Sr. and Sandybel Oppenheimer welcomed Carlos Correa into the world on September 22, 1994, in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Carlos spent his entire youth in a modest home owned by his family in the Barrio Velazquez fishing community in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico. Carlos Sr. signed him up for a youth league when he was just five years old at the suggestion of a neighbor, and from an early age, trained him to become a professional baseball player.

During their leisure time, Correa Senior used to train him every day. Even after Hurricane Georges in 1998 severely damaged the family’s home, he remained determined to teach his kid. He continued to train his youngster every day.

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The devoted mother of Major League Basketball standout Correa is Sandbybel Oppenheimer.

The distance between Santa Isabel and the municipality of Rio Grande prevented Correa from having a chance when he was asked to play in the champion series in Atlanta.

Especially around Mother’s Day, he regularly posts photos of himself with his mother. He expressed his gratitude for her assistance and for being a wonderful mother.

Carlos Correa Brother Jean Carlos Correa

Baseball is another sport that Jean Carlos participates in for the Alvin JC. He’s committed to Alvin Community College and Lamar University in June 2020.

Following the formal signing of his contract, he shared an inspirational message on Instagram.

He expressed gratitude to his family and to everyone who supported him. He declared that he would pursue his second objective of playing in the major leagues like his brother.

He has shared several photos with his brother and family on his Instagram account. He looks up to his brother as a role model, and Carlos encourages him to pursue his goal of playing in the top leagues.

At Carlos’ wedding, Jean served as the best man, and he shared lovely photos from the event on his social media.

Carlos Correa Sister Leibysand

The MLB player Correa’s younger sister is named Leibysand.

On August 1, 2022, she became fourteen years old, and her brother spoiled her on her special day. Shohei Ohtani, a fellow baseball star like her older brother, is a significant favorite of Leibysand.

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She had the chance to go to the Los Angeles region to see his brother play while also spending her birthday with none other than Ohtani. On her birthday, she asked her brother to snap a photo with Ohtani, and he did not disappoint his sister.

Leiby waited outside in the hopes that Ohtani would be able to take a break from his pregame ritual to pose for the picture. Leiby conducted herself admirably in front of her hero, earning herself a snapshot with him and a jersey that Ohtani had signed. Instead of her brother’s jersey the entire game, she donned the red Ohtani jersey.

Carlos Correa Wife Rodrigo Danielle Correa

Daniella Correa Rodriguez, a stunning and gifted woman, is the wife of Carlos Correa.

Daniella is a wife, businesswoman, and YouTuber. Both Miss Texas USA and Miss Texas Teen she is. With over 227k followers on Instagram, she has a sizable fan base.

As of 2022, Daniella Correa’s self-titled YouTube channel had over 22.6k subscribers. She started using the site for video sharing on February 14, 2019, and her channel now has over 1.1 million views.

Additionally, she founded Sweet D By Daniella Correa. Her company sells Matte Lip Kits and other cosmetics accessories on its website. According to her website, her products are paraben-free, vegan, and devoid of cruelty. She must make a decent living off her online presence and business.

Children Of Carlos Correa

On November 29, 2021, Carlos and Daniella gave birth to Kylo Daniel Correa. Carlos celebrated his second wedding anniversary by posting a lovely photo of himself with his wife and child.

Additionally, Daniella and her husband are in several pregnant photos she has shared on Instagram. On the occasion of Kylo’s first birthday, she shared a lovely snapshot of him and expressed her pride in being his mother.

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Soon, Carlos and Daniella will give birth to their second child. To share the news of their second pregnancy, they each shared images on their Instagram profiles. The post’s caption read, “2 under 2! LET’S GO FOR IT. It indicates that young Kylo will soon have a brother.

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