The father of Aubrey Marcus, Michael Phillips, is a commodities trader. Michael has been actively working in the commerce industry for about 50 years.

Marcus is an American CEO, business owner, podcast broadcaster, author, and fitness expert with a base in Austin, Texas. His most well-known accomplishment was founding Onnit, a health company that manages benefits for several of the best professional athletes in the world.

The multifaceted personality also serves as the host of the Aubrey Marcus Podcast. With more than 50 million listeners, it gives the best experts in business, thought, sports, and spirituality a place to talk about interesting topics.

He has also been featured on the covers of several publications, including Men’s Health. Awake in the Darkness, Dragon of the Jungle, and Huachuma are just a few of the documentaries he has worked on.

Aubrey Marcus
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Details On Aubrey Marcus Father Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips, Aubrey Marcus’s father Marcus started his trading career in 1972.

It’s remarkable to note that in less than 20 years, Michael raised his initial $30,000 investment to $80 million. When he first started trading, he put all $7000 of his funds into plywood futures.

When President Richard Nixon limited the prices of certain commodities that year, futures contracts surged. His original $7000 investment has grown to $12,000 now. In the same way, he turned $24,000 into $64,000 in 1973.

Michael had knowledge of financial regulations because to his work as an analyst. He finally advanced to the position of EVP at Commodities Corporation.

He used private placements to invest in smaller companies that were listed on the OTC Bulletin Board, such as Prospector Consolidated Resources, Encore Clean Energy Inc., and Pink Sheets Touchstone Resources.

Michael was also chosen to join the board of directors on May 25, 2006, at the annual general meeting of ViRexx Medical Corporation.

This group focuses on immunotherapy treatments for certain malignancies, chronic hepatitis B and C, and prolotherapy treatments for tumors.

He went to Johns Hopkins University and got a Phi Beta Kappa before starting a very successful career in commodities and securities.

He has been talked about in many books and other media, including Jack Schwager’s best-selling “Market Wizards.”

Aubrey Wife Vylana Marcus And Family

She has spent her whole life helping the group heal as a medicine woman and a visionary sound alchemist.

Her album “Goddess Rise” was only just published in 2022, and its first and second singles were the songs “Phoenix” and “Out of Exile,” respectively.

The Fit for Service Fellowship is a prestigious fellowship with some of the top specialists and trainers in the world, and she and her husband Aubrey run it as well.

The couple tied the knot in July 2020. Vylana shared a sweet photo of the couple dressed alike to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

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In September 2022, the couple was married once more. Their second marriage was to their soul, as opposed to their first marriage, which was to their names.

On August 5, 2020, the pair launched a podcast in which they discussed how and when they first met, their friendship, and eventually falling in love and being married.

They originally connected during the Burning Man festival. It’s interesting to note that Vylana was aware of his open relationship at the time.

They spent time together doing activities like dancing because they were in the same camp.

He acknowledged that his mind was telling him that his alone time with Vylana was special when he spoke about using psychedelics while at camp.

She had the same while they were in Peru. They kept in touch because they both had love relationships after Burning Man.

Marcus later acknowledged his feelings for her, but due to his polyamorous behavior, she was unconvinced. Finally, he sent her a heartfelt letter, which Vylana shared with her and moved her. At the time, Vylana was seeing another man.

However, as they were meant to be together, they hit it off immediately when they tried ketamine meditation.

Their lives began to converge gradually, and they concluded that they were ready to be together.

Aubrey Marcus Mother Kathleen Harter

Kathleen Harter is the mother of Aubrey Marcus. The main cause of Kathleen’s renown is that she once held the US tennis championship.

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She was born in Los Angeles on October 27, 1946. At the Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, California, the former tennis player first learned the game under renowned tennis coach Dick Skeen.

She was placed No. 7 in the American rankings in 1965, No. 8 in 1967, and No. 5 in 1968. She also made it to the semis of Wimbledon in 1967 and the quarterfinals of the Australian Open in 1968.

After a year, she was approached by Renee Richards, who was also on the first tour. After defeating Renee, she backed her right to participate in the tour. Harter, who always had wrist problems, was ranked #5 in the US in 1968, before these injuries.

By 1977, she had amassed sufficient success to be re-instated in the main draw of the Virginia Slims event.

She also beat Mima Jausovec and Dianne Fromholtz, who were both in the top ten. In the latter half of 1978, she gave up the sport.

During Kathleen’s last year on the tour, she made it to the semifinals of two Virginia Slims tournaments. In Buenos Aires, she and Stoll advanced to the match’s semifinals.

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